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The SIESTA project polygraphic and clinical database
The SIESTA project had two major goals: developing new tools for analyzing computer-based sleep recordings and creating a reference database for sleep-related features. Expand
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Orexin Receptor Antagonism, a New Sleep-Enabling Paradigm: A Proof-of-Concept Clinical Trial
The orexin system is a key regulator of sleep and wakefulness. In a multicenter, double‐blind, randomized, placebo‐controlled, two‐way crossover study, 161 primary insomnia patients received eitherExpand
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Effect of rest on physicians’ performance in an emergency department, objectified by electroencephalographic analyses and psychometric tests*
ObjectiveThe aim of the field study was to objectify physicians’ vigilance, well-being, and cognitive performance in the course of 24-hr shifts with and without afternoon rest. Subjects, Setting, andExpand
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Recent advances in the clinical pharmacology of benzodiazepines part I: Pharmacokinetics
Tranquillizers, and specifically benzodiazepines (BZD), have become one of the most widely used group of drugs in the world; some have suggested too widely used. Interest in these drugs is stillExpand
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Assessment of psychoactivity and pharmacodynamics of a cerebral vasodilating hexobendine-combination by quantitative electroencephalographic and psychometric analyses
Abstract 1. 1. Encephalotropic, psychotropic and pharmacodynamic properties of orally and intravenously administered Instenon forte ® (60 mg hexobendine + 60 mg ethophylline + 100 mg ethamivan) andExpand
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Zur zentralen Wirkung hoher Benzodiazepindosen: Quantitative Pharmako-EEG- und psychometrische Studien mit Prazepam
Bei der Untersuchung von 100 meist endogen-depressiven Patienten wahrend der Behandlung mit ungewohnlich hohen Prazepamdosen (die durchschnittliche Tagesdosis lag zwischen 20 und 90 mg und reichteExpand
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Zur Bestimmung der Pharmakodynamik alter und neuer Benzodiazepine mittels des Pharmako-EEGs
Seit der Entdeckung der Benzodiazepine in der Mitte der funfziger Jahre kam es zu einer gewaltigen Zunahme immer neuer synthetische Abkommlinge, die in der Therapie des Angstsyndroms wahrhaftig eineExpand
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Cerebral Function in Hyperthyroid Patients
Psychopathology, psychometric variables, central arousal and time experience were studied in 30 hyperthyroid female outpatients. While these patients could be significantly discriminated in several of
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