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Large-scale Classification of Fine-Art Paintings: Learning The Right Metric on The Right Feature
In the past few years, the number of fine-art collections that are digitized and publicly available has been growing rapidly. With the availability of such large collections of digitized artworksExpand
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Write a Classifier: Zero-Shot Learning Using Purely Textual Descriptions
The main question we address in this paper is how to use purely textual description of categories with no training images to learn visual classifiers for these categories. We propose an approach forExpand
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Learning style similarity for searching infographics
Infographics are complex graphic designs integrating text, images, charts and sketches. Despite the increasing popularity of infographics and the rapid growth of online design portfolios, littleExpand
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Write a Classifier: Predicting Visual Classifiers from Unstructured Text
People typically learn through exposure to visual concepts associated with linguistic descriptions. For instance, teaching visual object categories to children is often accompanied by descriptions inExpand
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Object-Centric Anomaly Detection by Attribute-Based Reasoning
When describing images, humans tend not to talk about the obvious, but rather mention what they find interesting. We argue that abnormalities and deviations from typicalities are among the mostExpand
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Toward automated discovery of artistic influence
Considering the huge amount of art pieces that exist, there is valuable information to be discovered. Examining a painting, an expert can determine its style, genre, and the time period that theExpand
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Quantifying Creativity in Art Networks
Can we develop a computer algorithm that assesses the creativity of a painting given its context within art history? This paper proposes a novel computational framework for assessing the creativityExpand
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The Role of Typicality in Object Classification: Improving The Generalization Capacity of Convolutional Neural Networks
Deep artificial neural networks have made remarkable progress in different tasks in the field of computer vision. However, the empirical analysis of these models and investigation of their failureExpand
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