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Molecular phylogeny and diversification history of Prosopis (Fabaceae: Mimosoideae)
The genus Prosopis is an important member of arid and semiarid environments around the world. To study Prosopis diversification and evolution, a combined approach including molecular phylogeny,Expand
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Evidence supporting the occurrence of a new species of endophyte in some South American grasses
Endophytes of several South American grasses were examined. The taxonomic status of en- dophytes in Festuca argentina, E hieronymi, Poa hue- cu, and an unidentified species of Poa is evaluated. OnExpand
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First comparative phenetic studies of Argentinean species of Acacia (Fabaceae), using morphometric, isozymal, and RAPD approaches.
Morphological and genetic diversity among Acacia aroma, A. macracantha, A. caven, and A. furcatispina were studied with morphometric, isozymal, and RAPD approaches. The analysis of seven isozymeExpand
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Isozyme studies on hybrids swarms of Prosopis caldenia and sympatric species.
Le systeme Glutanate oxalacetate Transaminase (GOT) a ete etudie chez P. caldenia, P. alpataco et P. flexuosa, sur des populations parentales pures et hybrides de zone sympathique. Trois loci GOTExpand
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Hybridization and genetic variation of Argentine species of Prosopis
Abstract The taxonomic division of the Prosopis genus, its geographic distribution, and the factors that limit it are briefly considered. All of these taxa except one are diploid (2 n = 28). SeveralExpand
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Mating system parameters in species of genus Prosopis (Leguminosae).
The section Algarobia of genus Prosopis involves important natural resources in arid and semiarid regions of the world. Their rationale use requires a better knowledge of their biology, genetics andExpand
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Relationships involving several types of extractives of five native argentine wood species of genera Prosopis and Acacia
Abstract The relationships existing among the values obtained when extracting the wood of four Argentinean species of Prosopis (P. alba, P. kuntzei, P. nigra, and P. ruscifolia) and one of the AcaciaExpand
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Genetic relationships among American species of the genus Prosopis (Mimosoideae, Leguminosae) inferred from ITS sequences: evidence for long-distance dispersal
Aim  The genus Prosopis includes 44 species and has a pseudoamphitropical, disjunct distribution. We aimed to determine whether American Prosopis sections arose in North or South America, and toExpand
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Mating system and population structure of Acacia aroma and A. macracantha (Fabaceae).
Acacia aroma and A. macracantha are closely related species that inhabit northern and central Argentina. The reproductive barriers between them seem to be weak. They exhibit low geneticExpand
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