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The effect of digoxin on mortality and morbidity in patients with heart failure.
BACKGROUND The role of cardiac glycosides in treating patients with chronic heart failure and normal sinus rhythm remains controversial. We studied the effect of digoxin on mortality andExpand
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Rationale, design, implementation, and baseline characteristics of patients in the DIG trial: a large, simple, long-term trial to evaluate the effect of digitalis on mortality in heart failure.
This article provides a detailed overview of the rationale for key aspects of the protocol of the Digitalis Investigation Group (DIG) trial. It also highlights unusual aspects of the studyExpand
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Relation Between Myasthenia Gravis and Thyroid Disease
planning the trial ; Mr. D. Neill, of the Biochemistry Laboratory, for the electrolyte and blood urea estimations ; Professor J. W. Dundee and Dr. J. A. Fisher for the loan of apparatus ; and MerckExpand
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Myasthenia Gravis, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, and Pernicious Anaemia
A 48-year-old English woman was first seen in January 1964 with a three-month history of unilateral ptosis, diplopia, and difficulty in walking and performing fine finger movements. One monthExpand
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We have described three cases of crico-pharyngeal web not associated with iron deficiency, discovered on routine barium swallows in the thyroid clinic. It is suggested that there is an associationExpand
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Treatment of Thyroid Disorders
SIR,-I read your leading article "New Look at Toxaemia of Pregnancy" (22 August, p. 459) with great interest and profit but would venture to make a few observations. The perinatal mortality surveyExpand
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Economic evaluation of biogas for optimizing generator temperature in a vapour-absorption system
Abstract An economic analysis of biogas as a source of energy to the pumpless LiBrH 2 O absorption system has been carried out. The generator temperature and pressure, evaporator temperature,Expand
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Kineto-elastodynamic balancing of 4R-four bar mechanisms combining kinematic and dynamic stress considerations
Abstract When a mechanism runs at high speed and has elastic links, its links vibrate under the action of forces present on the mechanism. The acceleration field resulting from the vibration of theExpand
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Surface generated in fine grinding. Part 1 Probabilistic model
Abstract In this paper, a theoretical model is proposed to describe the probability density functions of the random positions of grains on the wheel surface based on the interference of grooves byExpand
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Paterson-Kelly Syndrome
SIR,-When you published my letter (11 July, p. 126) on the proposed location of the World Health Research Centre you failed to reply to my request for your reasons for doubting why Edinburgh would beExpand