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Acyl-CoA dehydrogenase enzymes during early postnatal development in the rat.
Fatty acid oxidation rates tend to increase with age in most developing tissues. In skeletal muscle, heart, and liver of developing rats, we measured activities of three acyl-CoA dehydrogenaseExpand
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Phenytoin-induced depletion of folate in rats originates in liver and involves a mechanism that does not discriminate folate form.
The anticonvulsant phenytoin causes a decrease in plasma concentrations of folate in epileptic patients. The mechanism underlying this depletion is unknown. To study this mechanism, phenytoin wasExpand
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Rat liver subcellular folate distribution shows association of formyltetrahydropteroylpentaglutamates with mitochondria and methyltetrahydropteroylhexaglutamates with cytoplasm.
The ternary complex method for the determination of folylpolyglutamates was combined with procedures for interconverting folate derivatives to measure 28 different folate derivatives in theExpand
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Formyltetrahydrofolates associated with mitochondria have longer polyglutamate chains than the methyltetrahydrofolates associated with cytoplasm in rat brain.
The subcellular distribution of folate coenzymes in the brain is unknown. Brain folate concentrations are low and hence require a sensitive assay to determine the subcellular distribution. Rat brainExpand
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Where Does the Teacher Intervene with Underachieving Writers
It seemed to me that the whole class was falling down around me. It was the first Friday in October, the day for issuing interims (our county's name for midterm warnings to students earning D's andExpand
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