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Texture Features for Browsing and Retrieval of Image Data
We propose the use of Gabor wavelet features for texture analysis and provide a comprehensive experimental evaluation. Expand
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Color and texture descriptors
This paper presents an overview of color and texture descriptors that have been approved for the Final Committee Draft of the MPEG-7 standard. Expand
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Unsupervised Segmentation of Color-Texture Regions in Images and Video
A method for unsupervised segmentation of color-texture regions in images and video is presented. Expand
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Introduction to MPEG-7: Multimedia Content Description Interface
This book presents a comprehensive overview of the principles and concepts involved in Audio Visual material indexing, metadata description, information retrieval and browsing . Expand
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Multisensor Image Fusion Using the Wavelet Transform
This paper presents an image fusion scheme which is based on the wavelet transform. Expand
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Malware images: visualization and automatic classification
We propose a simple yet effective method for visualizing and classifying malware using image processing techniques, with the observation that the images belonging to the same family appear very similar in layout and texture. Expand
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Introduction to mpeg-7
MPEG-7 is a multimedia content description standard, (to be defined by September 2001), that addresses how humans expect to interact with computer systems, since it develops rich descriptions that reflect those expectations. Expand
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YASS: Yet Another Steganographic Scheme That Resists Blind Steganalysis
A new, simple, approach for active steganography is proposed in this paper that can successfully resist recent blind steganalysis methods, in addition to surviving distortion constrained attacks. Expand
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Color image segmentation
In this work, a new approach to fully automatic color image segmentation, called JSEG, is presented. Expand
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NeTra: a toolbox for navigating large image databases
We present an implementation of NeTra, a prototype image retrieval system that uses color texture, shape and spatial location information in segmented image database for fast search and retrieval. Expand
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