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Observations on the food and feeding of the Indian mackerel,Rastrelliger canagurta (Cuvier)
SummaryThe study of the food and feeding of the mackerel,Rastrelliger canagurta was based on the periodical examination of stomach contents of the mackerel and the plankton of the coastal waters nearExpand
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Studies on the fishery and biologyof the Malabar sole, Cynoglossussemifasciatus Day
The Malabar sole, Cynoglossus semifasciatus Day, is a fish of considerable commercial importance along the Malabar Coast. Apart from the fact that it ranks often next only to the sardine and theExpand
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Abrupt set-backs in the fisheries of the malabar and kanara coasts and “red water” phenomenon as their probable cause
In the course of fish population studies along the West Coast in 1948, it was observed that there was an abrupt and a severe set-back in the fishery by about the middle of October within two weeks ofExpand
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On some eel eggs and larvæ from the gulf of manaar
Though much attention has been devoted to the elucidation of the biology of the eels, the records of their eggs are very rew and, st rangely enough, even the egg of the European eel, AnguillaExpand
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Age determination studies in fishes by means of scales with special reference to the Malabar sole
One of the outstanding achievements of fishery research during the last half- a-century has been the discovery and application of the method of analysis of the age composition of fish stocks based onExpand
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A Study of the Correlation between the Feeding Habits and the Structure of the Hind Brain in the South Indian Cyprinoid Fishes
That the hind brain of fishes shows a high degree of structural variation in different forms has long been known to zoologists. Owen (1866) has stated “The primary division of the brain whichExpand
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A Study of the Medulla Oblongata of Cyprinodont Fishes with Special Reference to their Feeding Habits
It is well known that the hindbrains of fishes show considerable variation in size and structure. Drawing a correlation between the feeding habits and the structure of the hindbrains, Evans (1931-2)Expand
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