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The locus coeruleus drives disinhibition in the midline thalamus via a dopaminergic mechanism
The paraventricular nucleus of the thalamus (PVT) is increasingly being recognized as a critical node linking stress detection to the emergence of adaptive behavioral responses to stress. However,Expand
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Female rats display enhanced rewarding effects of ethanol that are hormone dependent.
BACKGROUND Ethanol (EtOH) abuse is a major health and economic concern, particularly for females who appear to be more sensitive to the rewarding effects of EtOH. This study compared sex differencesExpand
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Prefrontal cortical–striatal dopamine receptor mRNA expression predicts distinct forms of impulsivity
Variation in dopamine receptor levels has been associated with different facets of impulsivity. To further delineate the neural substrates underlying impulsive action (inability to withhold aExpand
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Dopaminergic Modulation of Risky Decision-Making
Many psychiatric disorders are characterized by abnormal risky decision-making and dysregulated dopamine receptor expression. The current study was designed to determine how different dopamineExpand
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Prefrontal Cortical GABAergic Dysfunction Contributes to Age-Related Working Memory Impairment
Working memory functions supported by the prefrontal cortex decline in normal aging. Disruption of corticolimbic GABAergic inhibitory circuits can impair working memory in young subjects; however,Expand
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Adolescent Risk Taking, Cocaine Self-Administration, and Striatal Dopamine Signaling
Poor decision making and elevated risk taking, particularly during adolescence, have been strongly linked to drug use; however the causal relationships among these factors are not well understood. ToExpand
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Distinct manifestations of executive dysfunction in aged rats
Different components of executive function such as working memory, attention, and cognitive flexibility can be dissociated behaviorally and mechanistically; however, the within-subject influences ofExpand
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NR2A-Containing NMDARs in the Prefrontal Cortex Are Required for Working Memory and Associated with Age-Related Cognitive Decline
Working memory, the ability to temporarily maintain representational knowledge, is a foundational cognitive process that can become compromised in aging and neuropsychiatric disease. NMDA receptorExpand
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Prefrontal cortical GABAergic signaling and impaired behavioral flexibility in aged F344 rats
The prefrontal cortex (PFC) is critical for the ability to flexibly adapt established patterns of behavior in response to a change in environmental contingencies. Impaired behavioral flexibilityExpand
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Effects of acute administration of the GABA(B) receptor agonist baclofen on behavioral flexibility in rats
RationaleThe ability to adjust response strategies when faced with changes in the environment is critical for normal adaptive behavior. Such behavioral flexibility is compromised by experimentalExpand
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