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The Role of Sense of School Belonging and Gender in the Academic Adjustment of Latino Adolescents
The aim of this study was to examine the roles of sense of belonging and gender in the academic outcomes of urban, Latino adolescents. It was expected that sense of belonging would play a differentExpand
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The role of attitudinal familism in academic outcomes: a study of urban, Latino high school seniors.
The aim of this study was to examine the role of attitudinal familism on Latino high school students' academic grades, effort, motivation, and truancy. Results in this study reveal that having highExpand
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Identifying and Decreasing Barriers to Parent Involvement for Inner-City Parents
Previous studies demonstrate the positive effects of parental involvement on student grade point averages (GPAs), standardized tests scores, and other academic outcomes. Because of the positive roleExpand
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Parental Involvement (and Uninvolvement) at an Inner-City High School
This study sought to understand the perceptions of parental involvement and parental uninvolvement at a predominantly African American inner-city high school. Qualitative interviews were conductedExpand
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Natural mentoring under the microscope: an investigation of mentoring relationships and latino adolescents' academic performance
The current study examined the role of natural mentoring relationships in the academic performance of urban, diverse, Latino high school students. Participants reported up to three mentors in theirExpand
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A Longitudinal Examination of the Transition into Senior High School for Adolescents from Urban, Low-Income Status, and Predominantly Minority Backgrounds
The current 6-year study investigates the impact of the elementary (K–8)-to-high school (9–12) transition on the school completion outcomes of 107 adolescents from urban, minority, low-income statusExpand
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Tryin’ to Make It During the Transition From High School: The Role of Family Obligation Attitudes and Economic Context for Latino-Emerging Adults
The aim of the current study was to examine the role of familial and economic context in the decisions and behaviors of low-income, urban Latinos during the transition from high school. Thirty-twoExpand
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Natural mentors, racial identity, and educational attainment among african american adolescents: exploring pathways to success.
The present study explored how relationships with natural mentors may contribute to African American adolescents' long-term educational attainment by influencing adolescents' racial identity andExpand
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Makin’ It in College
Using a social capital framework, the aim of this study was to examine the role of significant relationships in the academic experiences of Mexican American college students. Qualitative in-depthExpand
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