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Residues of spinosad in meat, milk, and eggs.
Spinosad is an insect control agent that is derived from a naturally occurring soil bacterium and has a high level of activity against insects that infest a variety of crops. Dairy and poultryExpand
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GLC determination of aprindine: quantitation and stability measurement.
A GLC method of analysis of a new antiarrhythmic agent, aprindine, is described. The raw material of the new drug substance, supplied as the hydrochloride salt, is dissolved in deionized water, andExpand
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Polymer sorption of nitroglycerin and stability of molded nitroglycerin tablets in unit-dose packaging.
The sorption of nitroglycerin by thermoplastic polymers and the stability of molded nitroglycerin tablets in strip packaging were studied. The polymers investigated varied greatly in their affinityExpand
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3-Substituted 2',3'-dihydroestra-1,3,5(10)-trieno (16alpha, 17alpha-b)furan-17beta-ols as potential estrogens.
The preparation, characterization, and estrogenic activity of the two new steroids 3-(cylopentyloxy)-2',3'-dihydroestra-1,3,5(10)-trieno(16alpha,17alpha-b)furan-17beta-ol andExpand
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Determination of Tebuthiuron and Metabolites in Bovine Milk by GC-MSD
A method is described for the determination of tebuthiuron and five metabolites [metabolite 104, N-[5-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-1,3,4-thiadiazol-2-yl]-N-methylurea ; metabolite 106,Expand
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Liquid Chromatographic Determination of the Herbicide Isoxaben and Its Soil Metabolite in Soil and Soil-Turf Samples
A method is described for the determination of residues of isoxaben and its principal soil metabolite in soil and soil-turf samples. Both compounds are extracted from samples by refluxing withExpand
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The isolation and identification of some degradation products of flurandrenolide in Cordran cream
Abstract Isolation and identification of the major degradation products of flurandrenolide occurring in its commercially marketed cream base are reported. The syntheses of these agents are described.Expand
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Effect of impurities on estradiol crystallization in a sustained-release implant.
During the development of a silicone rubber implant for the delivery of estradiol 17-beta some batches of implants made from a certain lot of commercial estradiol inexplicably developed surfaceExpand
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