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Do Consumers Really Refuse to Buy Genetically Modified Food?
We elicit willingness-to-pay information for similar food products that differ only in their content of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Participants in the experiment are a demographicallyExpand
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Revealing consumers' willingness-to-pay: A comparison of the BDM mechanism and the Vickrey auction
Abstract We compare the capability of the Becker–DeGroot–Marschak (BDM) mechanism and the Vickrey auction to reveal willingness-to-pay information for a sample of French consumers. We measure theExpand
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Price Bubbles in Laboratory Asset Markets with Constant Fundamental Values
We construct asset markets that are similar to those studied by Smith, Suchanek and Williams (Econometrica. 56, 1119–1151) in which bubbles and crashes tended to occur. The main difference betweenExpand
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Food price policies improve diet quality while increasing socioeconomic inequalities in nutrition
BackgroundPrices are an important determinant of food choices. Consequently, food price policies (subsidies and/or taxes) are proposed to improve the nutritional quality of diets. The aim of theExpand
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A comparison of hedonic rating and demand revealing auctions
We compare the inferences about consumer preferences that result from two different measurement techniques, a simplified hedonic rating system and a demand-revealing auction, for three separateExpand
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Distributional Impacts of Fat Taxes and Thin Subsidies
We conducted an experiment to study the fiscal impacts of unhealthy food taxes and healthy food subsidies on very low and medium income women in France. The policies tend to be regressive and favourExpand
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Le nouveau citoyen consommateur : que peut-on en attendre en termes d'efficacité économique ?
Pour les economistes, les comportements optimaux sur les marches concurrentiels sont a la fois egoistes et honnetes. L'economie experimentale montre que les hommes ont un certain degre d'altruisme etExpand
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Improving the effectiveness of nutritional information policies: assessment of unconscious pleasure mechanisms involved in food-choice decisions.
The rise in obesity in many countries has led to the emergence of nutritional information policies that aim to change people's diets. Changing an individual's diet is an ambitious goal, sinceExpand
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Do consumers not care about biotech foods or do they just not read the labels
This paper uses experimental econoic methods to present evidence that the absence of a negative effect on demand in reaction to products containing GMO's is in large measure due to the fact thatExpand
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Modification des achats alimentaires en réponse à cinq logos nutritionnels
Resume Dans un magasin alimentaire experimental controle et reproductible de 290 produits, nous etudions les achats de 691 participants afin d’observer les reactions a cinq systemes d’etiquetageExpand
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