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World Map of the Köppen-Geiger climate classification updated
The most frequently used climate classification map is that o f Wladimir Koppen, presented in its latest version 1961 by Rudolf Geiger. A huge number of climate studies and subsequent publicationsExpand
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A description of the global land-surface precipitation data products of the Global Precipitation Climatology Centre with sample applications including centennial (trend) analysis from 1901–present
Abstract. The availability of highly accessible and reliable monthly gridded data sets of global land-surface precipitation is a need that was already identified in the mid-1980s when there was aExpand
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GPCC Full Data Reanalysis Version 7.0: Monthly Land-Surface Precipitation from Rain Gauges built on GTS based and Historic Data
This dataset contains the centennial Global Precipitation Climatology Centre (GPCC) Full Data Reanalysis of monthly global land-surface precipitation based on the 75,000 stations world-wide thatExpand
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The Global Precipitation Climatology Project
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Endogenous Price Stickiness, Trend Inflation, and the New Keynesian Phillips Curve
For standard calibration, this paper shows that the optimal price, in a model with Calvo form of price stickiness and strategic complementarities, is only defined for annualised trend inflation ratesExpand
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The New Keynesian Phillips curve under trend inflation and strategic complementarity
Abstract This paper shows that for standard calibration of the [Calvo, G., 1983. Staggered prices in a utility-maximizing framework. Journal of Monetary Economics 12, 983–998] model of priceExpand
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Productivity and economic growth in Switzerland 1991–2006
SummaryIn this paper, we analyse the sources of economic growth in Switzerland during the period 1991–2006. The results suggest that labour input and capital input contribute 0.52 pp and 0.57 pp,Expand
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The Phillips Curve Under State-Dependent Pricing
This paper is related to a large recent literature studying the Phillips curve in sticky-price equilibrium models. It differs in allowing for the degree of price stickiness to be determinedExpand
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Price change dispersion and time-varying pass-through to consumer prices
This paper examines the relationship between the dispersion of changes in prices and the medium-run exchange rate pass-through in Swiss data. The prices considered are the elementary indices thatExpand
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