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Direct estimate of active bacteria: CTC use and limitations.
During the last 10 years, the dye 5-cyano-2,3-ditolyl tetrazolium chloride (CTC) has been used to determine the in situ number of "active" bacteria in different ecosystems. A part of this success isExpand
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Response of Phytoplankton Community to Low-Dose Atrazine Exposure Combined with Phosphorus Fluctuations
The effects of atrazine on a controlled phytoplankton community derived from a natural freshwater wetland exposed to low doses of this photosynthesis-inhibiting herbicide were examined. The communityExpand
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Evidence of silver eels contamination by microcystin-LR at the onset of their seaward migration: what consequences for breeding potential?
Thirty migrating silver eels Anguilla anguilla were collected in a river system where algal blooms occurred yearly. Fifty per cent of eel livers were contaminated by microcystin-LR (mean S.D. toxinExpand
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Phytoplankton community growth in enrichment bioassays : possible role of the nutrient intracellular pools
Abstract Examination of published experimental data showed that nutrient addition can sometimes inhibit growth rate of natural algal communities. Such reductions in algal growth might be due to toxicExpand
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Modifications structurales et fonctionnelles de communautés d'organismes aquatiques exposées à un mélange d'herbicide et d'adjuvant en mésocosmes lentiques.
Modifications structurales et fonctionnelles de communautes d'organismes aquatiques exposees a un melange d'herbicide et d'adjuvant en mesocosmes lentiques.. Colloque de restitution du ProgrammeExpand
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Oceans, Rivers and Lakes: Energy and Substance Transfers at Interfaces
Invited lectures session 1 - methodologies and modelling session 2 - interface between medium and living beings session 3 - interface between nutrients and physical medium session 4 - interfacesExpand
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Selective growth inhibition of cyanobacteria species (Planktothrix agardhii) by a riparian tree leaf extract
Abstract Natural leaf litter inputs is one factor that may help to minimize the likelihood of excessive algal growth. We tested the allelopathic effect of the grey willow ( Salix atronicerea ) on twoExpand
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Conditions d'utilisation du CuSO 4, pour limiter les proliférations de cyanobactéries et réduire ses effets sur l'environnement : Les cyanobactéries
La dangerosite des cyanotoxines, notamment celle de la microcystine, oblige les gestionnaires des reservoirs a disposer de differents moyens pour reduire et eliminer les cyanobacteries. ParmiExpand
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HPLC analysis of chlorophyll a breakdown products to interpret microalgae dynamics in a shallow bay
Phytoplankton production is determined by growth, senescence, sinking and zooplankton grazing. In an attempt to follow algal senescence and grazing, some authors have used HPLC fluorescence detectionExpand
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