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Parathyroid Hormone 1‐84 Targets Bone Vascular Structure and Perfusion in Mice: Impacts of Its Administration Regimen and of Ovariectomy
Bone vessel functions during bone remodeling are poorly understood. They depend on both vessel network structure and vasomotor regulation. Parathyroid hormone (PTH) is a systemic vasodilator that mayExpand
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Validated Laser Doppler protocol for measurement of mouse bone blood perfusion - response to age or ovariectomy differs with genetic background.
The physiological role of bone vascularization in bone metabolism begins to be understood; however, its involvement in pathological situations remains poorly explored. Bone blood supply depends onExpand
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Assessment of bone vascularization and its role in bone remodeling.
Bone is a composite organ that fulfils several interconnected functions, which may conflict with each other in pathological conditions. Bone vascularization is at the interface between theseExpand
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Structure and quantification of microvascularisation within mouse long bones: what and how should we measure?
Bone marrow vascularisation is involved in both remodeling and hematopoïesis. Challenged mouse models often require imaging and quantitative assessment of blood vessels and bone cell activities for aExpand
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Bone vascularization and remodeling.
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Parathyroid Hormone Remodels Bone Transitional Vessels and the Leptin Receptor‐Positive Pericyte Network in Mice
Intermittent parathyroid hormone (iPTH) is anti‐osteoporotic and affects bone vessels. Transitional capillaries close to the bone surface, which express both endomucin (Edm) and CD31, bear leptinExpand
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IUMELA: A Lightweight Multi-Agent Systems Based Mobile Learning Assistant Using the ABITS Messaging Service
IUMELA is an intelligent modular-education learning assistant designed, using multi-agent systems (MAS), in order to assist students in their decision-making process. Expand
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Bone Shaft Revascularization After Marrow Ablation Is Dramatically Accelerated in BSP‐/‐ Mice, Along With Faster Hematopoietic Recolonization
The bone organ integrates the activity of bone tissue, bone marrow, and blood vessels and the factors ensuring this coordination remain ill defined. Bone sialoprotein (BSP) is with osteopontin (OPN)Expand
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