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A comparative risk assessment of burden of disease and injury attributable to 67 risk factors and risk factor clusters in 21 regions, 1990–2010: a systematic analysis for the Global Burden of Disease
This work estimated deaths and disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) attributable to the independent effects of 67 risk factors and clusters of risk factors for 21 regions in 1990 and 2010 and calculated the burden attributable to each risk factor exposure compared with the theoretical-minimum-risk exposure.
The state of US health, 1990-2010: burden of diseases, injuries, and risk factors.
To measure the burden of diseases, injuries, and leading risk factors in the United States from 1990 to 2010 and to compare these measurements with those of the 34 countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), systematic analysis of descriptive epidemiology was used.
Exposure to particulate matter and adverse birth outcomes: a comprehensive review and meta-analysis
The results suggest that maternal exposure to PM, particularly PM2.5, may have adverse effect on birth outcomes and additional mechanistic studies are needed to understand the underlying mechanisms for this association.
Ambient air pollution and risk of birth defects in Southern California.
The authors' results are supported by the specificity of the timing of the effect and some evidence from animal data, and this is the first known study to link ambient air pollution during a vulnerable window of development to human malformations.
Local Variations in CO and Particulate Air Pollution and Adverse Birth Outcomes in Los Angeles County, California, USA
  • M. Wilhelm, B. Ritz
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
    Environmental health perspectives
  • 10 May 2005
These new results for 1994–2000 generally confirm the previous observations for the period 1989–1993, again linking CO and particle exposures to term LBW and preterm birth, and confirm suspicions about having to address local heterogeneity for these pollutants in Los Angeles.
Parkinson's disease and residential exposure to maneb and paraquat from agricultural applications in the central valley of California.
Evidence that exposure to a combination of maneb and paraquat increases PD risk, particularly in younger subjects and/or when exposure occurs at younger ages is provided.
The outdoor air pollution and brain health workshop.
Recent findings that have established the effects of inhaled air pollutants in the brain, explore the potential mechanisms driving these phenomena, and discuss the recommended research priorities/approaches that were identified by the panel.
Effect of Air Pollution on Preterm Birth Among Children Born in Southern California Between 1989 and 1993
Exposure to increased levels of ambient PM10 and possibly CO during pregnancy may contribute to the occurrence of preterm births in Southern California.
Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Prenatal Residential Proximity to Agricultural Pesticides: The CHARGE Study
This study of ASD strengthens the evidence linking neurodevelopmental disorders with gestational pesticide exposures, particularly organophosphates, and provides novel results of ASD and DD associations with, respectively, pyrethroids and carbamates.
Ambient air pollution and adverse birth outcomes: methodologic issues in an emerging field.
  • B. Ritz, M. Wilhelm
  • Medicine
    Basic & clinical pharmacology & toxicology
  • 1 February 2008
Findings from the recent study in Southern California indicate that air pollution effect estimates are not markedly influenced by risk factors not provided on birth certificates, yet studies collecting detailed risk factor information in other geographic regions may be needed to further evaluate the extent of residual confounding in record-based analyses.