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Mineralization of soft-bodied invertebrates in a Jurassic metalliferous deposit
The Jurassic marine biota of La Voulte-sur-Rhone, France, is characterized by three-dimensional preservation of soft-bodied animals and their internal organs. In contrast to other soft-bodiedExpand
New sea spiders from the Jurassic La Voulte-sur-Rhône Lagerstätte
Combined evidence from depositional environment, faunal associates and recent analogues indicate that the La Voulte pycnogonids probably lived in the upper bathyal zone (ca 200 m), which suggests a relatively recent, possibly Mesozoic origin for at least three major extant lineages of pycnOGonids. Expand
Chronostratigraphy of the key Upper Miocene (Lower Turolian) sequence of la Montagne d’Andance (Ardèche, France). Implications of new 40Ar/39Ar laser fusion and unspiked K-Ar dating of trachytic
A trachytic tephra layer deposited in the lower part of the Upper Miocene (Turolian) diatomite sequence at la Montagne d'Andance (Coiron basaltic province, France) contains glass shards (73 % SiO2),Expand
Sea Stars from Middle Jurassic Lagerstätte of La Voulte-sur-Rhône (Ardèche, France)
Abstract The Callovian Lagerstätte of La Voulte-sur-Rhône represents deep (bathyal) environments at the bottom of a submarine rocky slope. Three sea star body fossils partially replaced with pyriteExpand
The Middle Pleistocene hominin mandible from Payre (Ardèche, France).
The results underscore that the total pattern of Neandertal-derived morphology was not achieved at the beginning of the MIS 7 and suggest a low level of mandibular diachronic changes for the period MIS 11-7. Expand
Studies on mechanical behavior of MOD 9Cr-1Mo steel, CEA R&D program
9Cr-1Mo mod steel is one candidate material for the VHTR pressure vessel. Research programs have been undertaken at CEA to characterize the behavior of this steel and of its welded junctions inExpand
Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Young Women.