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Climate change and coral reef bleaching: An ecological assessment of long-term impacts, recovery trends and future outlook
Abstract Since the early 1980s, episodes of coral reef bleaching and mortality, due primarily to climate-induced ocean warming, have occurred almost annually in one or more of the world's tropical orExpand
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Environmental impacts of dredging and other sediment disturbances on corals: a review.
A review of published literature on the sensitivity of corals to turbidity and sedimentation is presented, with an emphasis on the effects of dredging. The risks and severity of impact from dredgingExpand
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Corals in a non-reef setting in the southern Arabian Gulf (Dubai, UAE): fauna and community structure in response to recurring mass mortality
Abstract Reef coral communities in a non-reef setting on shallow, flat hardgrounds were quantitatively sampled in Dubai Emirate (UAE, Southern Arabian Gulf) before and after a coral mass mortality inExpand
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Multi-site evaluation of IKONOS data for classification of tropical coral reef environments
Ten IKONOS images of different coral reef sites distributed around the world were processed to assess the potential of 4-m resolution multispectral data for coral reef habitat mapping. Complexity ofExpand
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Possible refugia for reefs in times of environmental stress
This paper investigates the refuge potential of (1) upwelling areas, (2) coral areas at medium depth, and (3) offshore bank and island reefs in a scenario of increased global warming, and thusExpand
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Effects of the 1996 and 1998 positive sea-surface temperature anomalies on corals, coral diseases and fish in the Arabian Gulf (Dubai, UAE)
Abstract. Two positive sea-surface temperature anomalies occurred in the Arabian Gulf in short sequence. Between May and August 1996 and 1998, sea-surface temperatures in the southern Arabian GulfExpand
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Present Limits to Heat-Adaptability in Corals and Population-Level Responses to Climate Extremes
Climate change scenarios suggest an increase in tropical ocean temperature by 1–3°C by 2099, potentially killing many coral reefs. But Arabian/Persian Gulf corals already exist in this future thermalExpand
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How many damaged corals in Red Sea reef systems? A quantitative survey
Quantitative coral damage assessment by means of line transects was performed in several northern Red Sea coral reef sites in Israel (Eilat) and Egypt (Hurghada area). Reefs with high and low visitorExpand
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