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Export of dissolved organic carbon from peatlands under elevated carbon dioxide levels
Peatlands represent a vast store of global carbon. Observations of rapidly rising dissolved organic carbon concentrations in rivers draining peatlands have created concerns that those stores areExpand
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Interactions between elevated CO2 and warming could amplify DOC exports from peatland catchments.
Peatlands export more dissolved organic carbon (DOC) than any other biome, contributing 20% of all terrestrial DOC exported to the oceans. Both warming and elevated atmospheric CO2 (eCO2) canExpand
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The impact of conifer harvesting on stream water quality: the Afon Hafren, mid-Wales
Abstract. Results for long term water quality monitoring are described for the headwaters of the principal headwater stream of the River Severn, the Afon Hafren. The results are linked toExpand
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Microbial activity and enzymic decomposition processes following peatland water table drawdown
Microbial activity and enzymic decomposition processes were followed during a field-based experimental lowering of the water table in a Welsh peatland. Respiration was not significantly affected byExpand
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Hydrology and water quality of the headwaters of the River Severn: Stream acidity recovery and interactions with plantation forestry under an improving pollution climate.
This paper presents new information on the hydrology and water quality of the eroding peatland headwaters of the River Severn in mid-Wales and links it to the impact of plantation conifer forestryExpand
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Buffering of recovery from acidification by organic acids.
In the United Kingdom, as in other regions of Europe and North America, recent decreases in surface water sulphate concentrations, due to reduced sulphur emissions, have coincided with markedExpand
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Soluble reactive phosphorus levels in rainfall, cloud water, throughfall, stemflow, soil waters, stream waters and groundwaters for the Upper River Severn area, Plynlimon, mid Wales.
Soluble reactive phosphorus (SRP) data are presented for rainfall, cloud water, soil waters, stream waters and groundwaters at the Plynlimon catchments in mid Wales to examine the hydrochemicalExpand
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Effects of increased deposition of atmospheric nitrogen on an upland moor: leaching of N species and soil solution chemistry.
This study was designed to investigate the leaching response of an upland moorland to long-term (10 yr) ammonium nitrate additions of 40, 80 and 120 kg N ha(-1) yr(-1) and to relate this response toExpand
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An analysis of long-term trends, seasonality and short-term dynamics in water quality data from Plynlimon, Wales.
This paper examines two hydrochemical time-series derived from stream samples taken in the Upper Hafren catchment, Plynlimon, Wales. One time-series comprises data collected at 7-hour intervals overExpand
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Evidence against recent climate‐induced destabilisation of soil carbon from 14C analysis of riverine dissolved organic matter
[1] The stability of global soil carbon (C) represents a major uncertainty in forecasting future climate change. In the UK, substantial soil C losses have been reported, while at the same timeExpand
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