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American Identity and the Politics of Ethnic Change
This article explores the way subjective conceptions of national identity influence the mass public's reactions to the changing ethnic composition of American society. Using the symbolic politicsExpand
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The "Official English" Movement and the Symbolic Politics of Language in the United States
neous nations in the world, linguistically it is one of the most homogeneous (Thernstrom 1980). Nevertheless, in recent years language policy has sparked political conflict in many states andExpand
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Is American Nationalism Changing? Implications for Foreign Policy
This article analyzes the degree of popular consensus about a nation's identity, core values, and mission as a source of social integration and a broad constraint on foreign policy-making. ItExpand
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Confederate symbols, southern identity, and racial attitudes : The case of the Georgia State flag
Recent controversies in numerous southern States over the meaning and value of Confederate symbols have reignited debates about race, heritage, and southern politics. Focusing on the case of theExpand
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The Impact of Descriptive Representation on Women’s Political Engagement: Does Party Matter?
Recent research raises doubts about whether the presence of women contesting or occupying prominent public office enhances women’s political engagement. Taking into account both gender and partyExpand
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The Political Determinants of Women’s Descriptive Representation in Cities
Why is the descriptive (or numerical) representation of women in policy-making positions higher in some cities than in others? Despite a strong body of work on the descriptive representation of womenExpand
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Exploring the Determinants of Feminist Consciousness in the United States
ABSTRACT Previous research on the determinants of gender-related group consciousness has focused either exclusively or primarily upon structural or demographic determinants at the expense ofExpand
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Welfare Policymaking and Intersections of Race, Ethnicity, and Gender in U.S. State Legislatures
Welfare policy in the American states has been shaped profoundly by race, ethnicity, and representation. Does gender matter as well? Focusing on state welfare reform in the mid-1990s, we testExpand
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