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Structure of DNA and histones in the nucleohistone.
Bacteriophages of methanotrophic bacteria
Bacteriophages of methanotrophic bacteria have been found in 16 out of 88 studied samples taken in different geographic zones of the Soviet Union. Expand
Plasmids of Crystal-forming Bacilli and the Influence of Growth Medium Composition on their Appearance
It is found that mutant 1 0 0 0 ~ carries plasmids, the quantity of plasmid material isolated being dependent on the composition of the growth medium and Comparable data were also found for typical crystal-forming bacteria (B. thuringiensis). Expand
TGATG vector: a new expression system for cloned foreign genes in Escherichia coli cells.
A TGATG vector system was developed that allows for the construction of hybrid operons with partially overlapping genes, employing the effects of translational coupling to optimize expression ofExpand
Phasmids as effective and simple tools for construction and analysis of gene libraries.
The phasmid and its derivatives were shown to be efficient vectors for construction and analysis of gene libraries in Escherichia coli cells and application of suitable methods allowed the identification 13 individual genes within these libraries. Expand
A novel plasmid-mediated DNA restriction-modification system in E. coli.
Site-specific endonuclease has been isolated from E. coli J62 pLG74 which differed from all the known restriction endonucleases in the number of cleavage sites on phages λ, φX 174, virus SV40, plasmid pBR322 DNA molecules. Expand
[Features of genome expression of phage transposon D3112 of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Escherichia coli bacteria: dependence of bacterial phenotype on copy number of D3112 genome].
The tcl clones in which replication-transposition of D3112 DNA in less effective than in the tcs clones are a suitable object for the study of genetic rearrangements caused by D31 12 phage transposon. Expand
Bacteriophages of methanotrophs isolated from fish
Bacteriophages of methanotrophic bacteria were isolated from 67 fish. Only two phages isolated from two fish species specifically lysed Methylocystis sp. and Flavobacterium gasotypicum. The phagesExpand