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An Optimal Real-Time Scheduling Algorithm for Multiprocessors
We present an optimal real-time scheduling algorithm for multiprocessors $one that satisfies all task deadlines, when the total utilization demand does not exceed the utilization capacity of theExpand
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Popcorn: bridging the programmability gap in heterogeneous-ISA platforms
The recent possibility of integrating multiple-OS-capable, high-core-count, heterogeneous-ISA processors in the same platform poses a question: given the tight integration between system components,Expand
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Brief Announcement: Relay: A Cache-Coherence Protocol for Distributed Transactional Memory
Distributed transactional memory promises to alleviate difficulties with lock-based (distributed) synchronization and object performance bottlenecks in distributed systems. The design of the cache-Expand
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Probability-Based Prediction and Sleep Scheduling for Energy-Efficient Target Tracking in Sensor Networks
A surveillance system, which tracks mobile targets, is one of the most important applications of wireless sensor networks. When nodes operate in a duty cycling mode, tracking performance can beExpand
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Time-utility function-driven switched Ethernet: packet scheduling algorithm, implementation, and feasibility analysis
We present a MAC-layer, soft real-time packet scheduling algorithm called UPA. UPA considers a message model where message packets have end-to-end timeliness requirements that are specified usingExpand
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On recent advances in time/utility function real-time scheduling and resource management
We argue that the key underpinning of the current state-of-the real-time practice - the priority artifact - and that of the current state-of-the real-time art - deadline-based timeliness optimality -Expand
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CQS-Pair: Cyclic Quorum System Pair for Wakeup Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks
Due to the heterogenous power-saving requirement in wireless sensor networks, we propose the Cyclic Quorum System Pair (CQS-Pair) which can guarantee that two asynchronous nodes adopt differentExpand
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Heterogenous Quorum-Based Wake-Up Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks
We present heterogenous quorum-based asynchronous wake-up scheduling schemes for wireless sensor networks. The schemes can ensure that two nodes that adopt different quorum systems as their wake-upExpand
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HyFlow: a high performance distributed software transactional memory framework
We present HyFlow --- a distributed software transactional memory (D-STM) framework for distributed concurrency control. HyFlow is a Java framework for D-STM, with pluggable support for directoryExpand
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ChronOS Linux: A best-effort real-time multiprocessor Linux kernel
We present ChronOS Linux, a best-effort real-time Linux kernel for chip multiprocessors (CMPs). ChronOS addresses the intersection of three problem spaces: a) OS-support for obtaining best-effortExpand
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