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Digital holographic microscopy: a noninvasive contrast imaging technique allowing quantitative visualization of living cells with subwavelength axial accuracy.
We have developed a digital holographic microscope (DHM), in a transmission mode, especially dedicated to the quantitative visualization of phase objects such as living cells. The method is based onExpand
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Measurement of the integral refractive index and dynamic cell morphometry of living cells with digital holographic microscopy.
We have developed a digital holographic microscope (DHM), in a transmission mode, adapted to the quantitative study of cellular dynamics. Living cells in culture are optically probed by measuring theExpand
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Simulation of artificial vision: II. Eccentric reading of full-page text and the learning of this task
Reading of isolated words in conditions mimicking artificial vision has been found to be a difficult but feasible task. In particular at relatively high eccentricities, a significant adaptationExpand
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Simulation of artificial vision, III: do the spatial or temporal characteristics of stimulus pixelization really matter?
PURPOSE In preceding studies, simulations of artificial vision were used to determine the basic parameters for visual prostheses to restore useful reading abilities. Expand
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Living specimen tomography by digital holographic microscopy: morphometry of testate amoeba.
This paper presents an optical diffraction tomography technique based on digital holographic microscopy. Quantitative 2-dimensional phase images are acquired for regularly-spaced angular positions ofExpand
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Noninvasive characterization of the fission yeast cell cycle by monitoring dry mass with digital holographic microscopy.
Digital holography microscopy (DHM) is an optical technique which provides phase images yielding quantitative information about cell structure and cellular dynamics. Furthermore, the quantitativeExpand
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Digital Holographic Microscopy: A Quantitative Label-Free Microscopy Technique for Phenotypic Screening
Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM) is a label-free imaging technique allowing visualization of transparent cells with classical imaging cell culture plates. The quantitative DHM phase contrastExpand
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Spatial analysis of erythrocyte membrane fluctuations by digital holographic microscopy.
Red blood cell (RBC) membrane fluctuations provide important insights into cell states. We present a spatial analysis of red blood cell membrane fluctuations by using digital holographic microscopyExpand
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Submicrometer tomography of cells by multiple-wavelength digital holographic microscopy in reflection.
We present first results on a method enabling mechanical scanning-free tomography with submicrometer axial resolution by multiple-wavelength digital holographic microscopy. By sequentially acquiringExpand
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Processes involved in oculomotor adaptation to eccentric reading.
PURPOSE Adaptation to eccentric viewing in subjects with a central scotoma remains poorly understood. The purpose of this study was to analyze the adaptation stages of oculomotor control to forcedExpand
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