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Broadband characteristics of cylindrical antennas with exponentially tapered capacitive loading
Experimental results are presented demonstrating the electrical characteristics of a cylindrical antenna loaded with capacitive elements whose reactance increases exponentially with the distance fromExpand
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Bifocal dual reflector antenna
A bifocal dual reflector antenna is similar to and has better scan capability than a classical Cassegrain reflector antenna. The method used in determining the reflector surfaces is a modification ofExpand
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Evaluation of spherical surfaces
Abstract The surfaces obtained by various machining processes deviate from the specified geometry defined in terms of mathematical equations particularly regarding sphericity. An attempt has beenExpand
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Illumination efficiency of a shaped Cassegrain system
Using geometrical optics approximation, an expression is derived for the illumination efficiency of a shaped Cassegrain system when the feed pattern differs from a given pattern used for designingExpand
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A two-element yagi-type array in a parallel-plate waveguide--Theoretical and experimental studies
A theory is developed for the current distribution, impedance, and radiation characteristics of a two-element Yagi-type array, consisting of a driven antenna and a tuned parasite in a parallel-plateExpand
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