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Single-cell Characterization of Autotransporter-mediated Escherichia coli Surface Display of Disulfide Bond-containing Proteins*
Background: The ability of autotransporter (AT) to translocate polypeptides with multiple disulfide bonds is controversial. Results: Surface display of functional chymotrypsin (4 S-S) and M18 scFv (2Expand
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Single-cell profiling of dynamic cytokine secretion and the phenotype of immune cells
Natural killer (NK) cells are a highly heterogeneous population of innate lymphocytes that constitute our first line of defense against several types of tumors and microbial infections. UnderstandingExpand
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Optimization of tribological parameters in abrasive wear mode of carbon-epoxy hybrid composites
Abstract Abrasive wear performance of fabric reinforced composites filled with functional fillers is influenced by the properties of the constituents. This work is focused on identifying the factorsExpand
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Influence of graphite filler on two-body abrasive wear behaviour of carbon fabric reinforced epoxy composites
Abstract The influence of graphite filler additions on two-body abrasive wear behaviour of compression moulded carbon–epoxy (C–E) composites have been evaluated using reciprocating wear unit andExpand
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Influence of cooling on the performance of the drilling process of glass fibre reinforced epoxy composites
Abstract Non-laminate composites find their paramountcy in large structures, ballistic applications, etc. However, literature about the hole making process in thick composites, non-laminateExpand
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Mechanical and Three-body Abrasive Wear Behavior of Carbon-Epoxy Composite With and Without Graphite Filler
Fiber and particulate reinforced polymeric composites are known to possess high strength and attractive wear resistance in dry sliding conditions. Though the reinforcement and/filler type are knownExpand
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Energy Efficient Building Design and Estimation of Energy Savings From Daylighting in Chennai
ABSTRACTThe objective of this study was to perform a daylighting analysis on the light shelf system installed to save energy in office buildings in Tamil Nadu. For this, a building was chosen forExpand
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X-ray analysis and optical studies of Dy3+ doped NaSrB5O9 microstructures for white light generation
Abstract A white light emitting phosphor NaSrB 5 O 9 :Dy 3+ was synthesized by a conventional solid state reaction method. The structure of the phosphors was analyzed by powder X-ray diffractionExpand
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AC impedance studies on LiFe5−xMnxO8 ferrites
Abstract A systematic investigation of AC impedance studies of Mn doped Lithium ferrites with composition formula, LiFe 5− x Mn x O 8 ( x  = 0.0, 0.2, 0.4, and 0.6) has been undertaken. The materialsExpand
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Luminescence properties of CaZn2(PO4)2:Sm3+ phosphor for lighting application
Abstract A high-temperature solid state reaction route was employed to synthesize the phosphate based new orange-red emitting trivalent samarium (Sm3+) ions doped calcium zinc phosphate (CZP:Expand
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