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Contribution of changes in atmospheric circulation patterns to extreme temperature trends
The results indicate that although a substantial portion of the observed change in extreme temperature occurrence has resulted from regional- and global-scale thermodynamic changes, the risk of extreme temperatures over some regions has also been altered by recent changes in the frequency, persistence and maximum duration of regional circulation patterns.
Changes in Extreme Rainfall Events in South Africa
Extreme rainfall events can have severe impacts on society, so possible long-term changes in the intensity of extreme events are of concern. Testing for long-term changes in the intensity of extreme
Iterative Thresholding Algorithm for Sparse Inverse Covariance Estimation
This paper gives eigenvalue bounds for the G-ISTA iterates, providing a closed-form linear convergence rate, which is shown to be closely related to the condition number of the optimal point.
Observed changes in extreme wet and dry spells during the South Asian summer monsoon season
The South Asian summer monsoon has an impact on over one billion people. This study applies statistical techniques to precipitation observations (over the period 1951–2011) and finds significant
High dimensional Bayesian inference for Gaussian directed acyclic graph models
This paper constructs a family of conjugate priors for the Cholesky parametrization of the covariance matrix of Gaussian models Markov with respect to a decomposable graph to arbitrary DAGs and derives prior distributions for the covariances and precision parameters of the Gaussian DAG Markov models.
A convex pseudolikelihood framework for high dimensional partial correlation estimation with convergence guarantees
This work proposes a new pseudolikelihood‐based graphical model selection method that aims to overcome some of the shortcomings of current methods, but at the same time retain all their respective strengths, and introduces a novel framework that leads to a convex formulation of the partial covariance regression graph problem, resulting in an objective function comprised of quadratic forms.
In this paper, we propose a class of Bayes estimators for the covariance matrix of graphical Gaussian models Markov with respect to a decomposable graph G. Working with the W PG family defined by
Does the Inclusion of Virtual Reality Games within Conventional Rehabilitation Enhance Balance Retraining after a Recent Episode of Stroke?
Results indicate that the inclusion of interactive virtual reality balance related games within conventional rehabilitation can lead to improved functional mobility and balance after a recent episode of stroke without increasing treatment time that requires more health professional manpower.