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Uptake of certain heavy metals from contaminated soil by mushroom--Galerina vittiformis.
Remediation of soil contaminated with heavy metals has received considerable attention in recent years. In this study, the heavy metal uptake potential of the mushroom, Galerina vittiformis, wasExpand
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Microwave-Assisted Extraction of Wax from Oily Sludge: An Experimental Study and its Process Variables Optimization Using Response Surface Methodology
The wax present in petroleum sludge, generated by refineries and at crude production sites, consists of paraffin hydrocarbons (C18–C36) known as paraffin wax and naphthenic hydrocarbons (C30–C60).Expand
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Experimental and Numerical Study of the Hydrodynamics of a Thin Film Reactor (TFR) for the Decarboxylation of Anacardic Acid
Abstract A newly designed laboratory scale thin film reactor (TFR) was tested for the decarboxylation of anacardic acid in Cashew Nut Shell Liquid (CNSL) and to investigate the fluid flow behaviourExpand