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Brachiopods and echinoids from the lower Cenomanian of Koraćica (Kosmaj Mountain, central Serbia)
Abstract Two brachiopod species belonging to two genera, two families, and one order and nine echinoid taxa (five regular and four irregular) belonging to eight genera, seven families, and sevenExpand
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Diversity dynamics of Early and Middle Jurassic brachiopods in the Getic and Danubian tectonic units of eastern Serbia: Regional versus global patterns
Abstract Quantitative assessment of regional diversity patterns reveals trajectories of faunal development on the basin scale and helps to understand its dependence on palaeoenvironmental changes,Expand
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New Barremian rhynchonellide brachiopod genus from Serbia and the shell microstructure of Tetrarhynchiidae
A new rhynchonellide brachiopod genus Antulanella is erected based on the examination of the external and internal morphologies and shell microstructure of 'Rhynchonella pancici', a common species inExpand
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The age of the brachiopod limestones from Guča, western Serbia
The asymmetric rhynchonellide brachiopod Cyclothyris? globata (ARNAUD, 1877) has a large distribution in the Coniacian, Santonian and Campanian outcrops of the western Tethys. The species hasExpand
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Similarity of Early and Middle Jurassic brachiopods between the Danubian and Getic tectonic units of eastern Serbia
Abstract Rich brachiopod assemblages are known from the Lower and Middle Jurassic deposits of the Danubian and Getic tectonic units (eastern Serbia). A quantitative assessment of the relevantExpand
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Taxonomy and Paleobiogeography of Late Bathonian Brachiopods from Gebel Engabashi, Northern Sinai
Abstract A brachiopod fauna of late Bathonian age recovered from the Kehailia Formation from Gebel Engabashi in northern Sinai consists of six species (two rhynchonellids and four terebratulids)Expand
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Trans-border (east Serbia/west Bulgaria) correlation of the morpho-tectonic structures
In the Bulgarian and Serbian geological literatures, many maps, both geological and tectonic, exist showing the structures, but limiting them nationally. There are very few publications correlatingExpand
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The Middle Cenomanian basal series of Planinica, Western Serbia
Sedimentary rocks of the Upper Cretaceous basal series found at the village of Planinica, Western Serbia, are composed of thick coarse clastics and beds and intercalations of medium- to fine-grainedExpand
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