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The Balkans: Revolution, War and Political Violence since 1878
a corner of Europe that deserves more scholarly attention. The Habsburg Empire represented one of history’s more heterogeneous realms that fell victim to its differences rather than thriving on itsExpand
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The crisis of the European Union: a response (translated by Ciaran Cronin)
This book complements Habermas’s Europe: The Faltering Project (2009) in which he addressed a number of issues being of crucial relevance for the highly questionable future of the European Union. HeExpand
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Reviewing European Union accession: unexpected results, spillover effects, and externalities
strategies among Jews in an increasingly anti-Semitic Germany. Although some of the scholarship collected here, as well as the introduction itself, presents oversimplified arguments for continuitiesExpand
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Europe's Global Role: External Policies of the European Union
in the past 10 years or so. The basic feature of the nationalization approach is that levels of party support are measured across territorial units, and there are a number of different statisticalExpand
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Clientelism and the Abuse of Power in the Western Balkans
ABSTRACT Clientelism has played a key role in consolidation of informal power politics in the Western Balkans. While focusing on Serbia and Kosovo, we argue that such networks and the rulingExpand
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In favour of censorship and propaganda: elites, media capture and the journalistic profession in the Western Balkans
ABSTRACT The ruling elites and the media need each other for all sorts of reasons. While using Serbia as a case study, this article is concerned with the behaviour of political and economic powerExpand
Semi-Authoritarianism Accepted: The European Union’s Problematic Involvement in Serbia
The relationship between Brussels and Belgrade has never been straightforward. Following the overthrow of Slobodan Milosevic, EU authorities have welcomed different opposition forces and altogetherExpand