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Species Profiles: Life Histories and Environmental Requirements of Coastal Fishes and Invertebrates (Pacific Northwest), Pacific Oyster
Species profiles are literature summaries of the taxonomy, morphology, range, life history, and environmental requirements of coastal aquatic species. They are designed to assist in environmentalExpand
Targeting of piperine intercalated in mannose-coated liposomes in experimental leishmaniasis.
The leishmanicidal property of piperine intercalated in liposomes and in mannose-coated liposomes was tested in experimental visceral leishmaniasis in hamsters. Mannose-coated liposomal piperineExpand
Bacopasaponin C: Critical Evaluation of Anti-Leishmanial Properties in Various Delivery Modes
Bacopasaponin C, an indigenous glycoside, was isolated from Indian medicinal plant Bacopa monniera (b. brahmi) and was tested for antileishmanial properties both in free and in various deliveryExpand
Effect of angiotensin II on liposome uptake by the rat brain in vivo.
Studies have been performed to assess the possibility of using small unilamellar liposomes as therapeutic carriers to the brain of hypertensive rats. Rats were made temporal hypertensive by theExpand
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