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Seamount endemism questioned by the geographic distribution and population genetic structure of marine invertebrates
Previous studies have suggested that the high diversity associated with the Norfolk seamounts (Southwest Pacific) could reflect endemism resulting from limited dispersal due to hydrologicalExpand
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Crinoid phylogeny: a preliminary analysis (Echinodermata: Crinoidea)
We describe the first molecular and morphological analysis of extant crinoid high-level inter-relationships. Nuclear and mitochondrial gene sequences and a cladistically coded matrix of 30Expand
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Biogeography of the deep-sea galatheid squat lobsters of the Pacific Ocean.
Abstract We analyzed the distribution patterns of the galatheid squat lobsters (Crustacea, Decapoda, Galatheidae) of the Pacific Ocean. We used the presence/absence data of 402 species along theExpand
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Les campagnes d'exploration de la faune bathyale dans la zone économique de la Nouvelle-Calédonie = Explorations for bathyal fauna in the New Caledonian economic zone
La Nouvelle-Calédonie est une île située dans le Pacifique sud-ouest en bordure de la plaque inde-australienne (fig. 1). La morphologie des fonds sous-marins de cette région du globe est extrêmementExpand
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An ultrastructural study of spermatozoa of the Majidae with particular reference to the aberrant spermatozoon of Macropodia longirostris (Crustacea, Decapoda, brachyura)
Jamieson, E. G. M., Scheltinga. D. M. & Richer de Forges, E. 1998. An ultrastructural study of spermatozoa of the Majidae with particular reference to the aberrant spermatozoon of MacropodiaExpand
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Squat lobster assemblages on seamounts differ from some, but not all, deep-sea habitats of comparable depth
This study was carried out to test the hypothesis that benthic communities on seamounts are distinct from those of other deep-sea habitats at comparable depths. Analysis of the squat lobster fauna ofExpand
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Comparative ultrastructure of the spermatozoa of the Majoidea (Crustacea, Decapoda, Brachyura) with new data on six species in five genera
Comparative ultrastructure of majoid spermatozoa belonging to 23 species, in 19 genera and five families, is considered, with new data on Schizophrys aspera; S. rufescens (Majidae, Majinae);Expand
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Relationship of Homolidae and Dromiidae: Evidence from Spermatozoal Ultrastructure (Crustacea, Decapoda)
Guinot, D., Jamieson, B. G. M. & Richer de Forges, B. 1994. Relationship of Homolidae and Dromiidae: evidence from spermatozoal ultrastructure (Crustacea, Decapoda) .-Acta Zoologica (Stockholm) 75:Expand
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Affinités entre les Hymenosomatidae MacLeay, 1838 et les Inachoididae Dana, 1851 (Crustacea Decapoda Brachyura)
The first part of the present paper concerns the family Hymenosomatidae MacLeay, 1838, the only group of the superfamily Hymenosomatoidea MacLeay, 1838, which includes more than ninety species inExpand
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