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Effects of pulp and paper mill effluents on reproductive success of largemouth bass.
Fecundity, egg size, and hatchability did not differ across treatments, but an increase in the frequency of fry abnormalities and a decrease in fry weights was observed at effluent exposures of 40% and higher. Expand
Volatile compounds from the integument of White Leghorn Chickens (Gallus gallus domesticus L.): candidate attractants of ornithophilic mosquito species.
Analysis of hexane extracts from chicken feet, skin, and feathers demonstrated the qualitative similarity in the compounds collected with subtle differences observed in the quantitative amounts of these compounds. Expand
Successful respiratory immunization with dry powder live-attenuated measles virus vaccine in rhesus macaques
A novel single unit dose, dry powder live-attenuated measles vaccine (MVDP) for respiratory delivery without reconstitution was developed and was safe and effective and could aid in measles control. Expand
Free Amino Acids in Dark- and White-muscle Fish as Determined by O-phthaldialdehyde Precolumn Derivatization
Free amino acids in fish reflect microbial spoilage, and are precursors of biogenic amines, factors of health concern and indicators of fish decomposition. The objective of this research was toExpand
Selected resin acids in effluent and receiving waters derived from a bleached and unbleached kraft pulp and paper mill.
Water samples collected on three dates at 24 sites influenced by effluent from Georgia-Pacific's Palatka Pulp and Paper Mill Operation showed that resin acid concentrations were below 20 microg/L before the confluence of Rice Creek and the St. John's River, indicating that the waters of rice Creek provide dilution or conditions conducive for degradation or sorption of these compounds. Expand
Analysis of extracted and volatile components in blackstrap molasses feed as candidate house fly attractants.
This study sought to identify compounds present in blackstrap molasses that might be attractive to house flies, and therefore, provide the public with an indoor bait that does not have an offensive smell and is easy to handle. Expand
Residual Efficacy of Field-Applied Permethrin, d-Phenothrin, and Resmethrin on Plant Foliage Against Adult Mosquitoes
Backpack sprayer applications of permethrin, d-phenothrin, and resmethrin to vegetation and plants at Anastasia Island, St Augustine, FL, were evaluated for duration of residual efficacy against adult mosquitoes, and some correlation was observed between chemical and biological results. Expand
Near-critical fluid micronization of stabilized vaccines, antibiotics and anti-virals
Abstract Fine powder preparations of vaccines hold promise in resolving many issues encountered in the transport and delivery of vaccines such as loss of potency during transport through the ‘coldExpand
Response of laryngeal and tracheo-bronchial surface lining to inhaled cigarette smoke in normal and vitamin A-deficient rats: a scanning electron microscopic study.
The results suggest the synergistic effects of reduced vitamin A and CS may be important in the induction of atypical squamous changes which may predispose the airway to the development of squamous carcinoma. Expand
The potency-insolubility conundrum in pharmaceuticals: Mechanism and solution for hepatitis C protease inhibitors.
The analysis of the structural and thermodynamic properties of telaprevir suggests a generalizable approach for identifying drug candidate compounds that either can or cannot be rendered orally bioavailable by alteration of their crystalline solid phases, in an approach that provides a pragmatic way to attain substantial enhancements in the success rate of drug discovery and development. Expand