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A Double S Shape Provides the Structural Basis for the Extraordinary Binding Specificity of Dscam Isoforms
Drosophila Dscam encodes a vast family of immunoglobulin (Ig)-containing proteins that exhibit isoform-specific homophilic binding. This diversity is essential for cell recognition events requiredExpand
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A Vast Repertoire of Dscam Binding Specificities Arises from Modular Interactions of Variable Ig Domains
Dscam encodes a family of cell surface proteins required for establishing neural circuits in Drosophila. Alternative splicing of Drosophila Dscam can generate 19,008 distinct extracellular domainsExpand
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An effective hybrid DE-based algorithm for flow shop scheduling with limited buffers
The permutation flow-shop scheduling problem (PFSSP) is a typical combinational optimization problem, which is of wide engineering background and has been proved to be strongly NP-hard. In thisExpand
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Multi-objective Flow Shop Scheduling Using Differential Evolution
This paper proposes an effective Differential Evolution (DE) based hybrid algorithm for Multi-objective Permutation Flow Shop Scheduling Problem (MPFSSP), which is a typical NP-hard combinatorial optimization problem. Expand
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Laser sintering of ceramics
Abstract The progress of laser sintering of ceramics is reviewed by focusing on the principles and the potentials of this new technique as one member of a family of additive manufacturingExpand
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Functional Ag porous films prepared by electrospinning
Abstract Face-centered cubic Ag porous films have been prepared directly from the heat treatment of AgNO3-doped poly(vinyl alcohol) (PVA) electrospun nanofibers. Using Rhodamine B (RB) as the probingExpand
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Expressions of chromogranin A and cathepsin D in human primary hepatocellular carcinoma.
AIM:To determine the expression and clinical significance of chromogranin A and cathepsin D in hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC).METHODS:Double immunofluorescence stain-ing techniques combined withExpand
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Scheduling multi-objective job shops using a memetic algorithm based on differential evolution
In this paper, a memetic algorithm based on differential evolution (DE), named MODEMA, is proposed for multi-objective job shop scheduling problems (MJSSPs). To balance the exploration andExpand
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Double contrast-enhanced two-dimensional and three-dimensional ultrasonography for evaluation of gastric lesions.
AIM To investigate the value of two-dimensional (2D) and three-dimensional (3D) double contrast-enhanced ultrasonography (DCUS) imaging for evaluation of gastric lesions. METHODS 2D and 3D DCUSExpand
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Micromodification of element distribution in glass using femtosecond laser irradiation.
We report micromodification of Eu element distribution in a silicate glass with femtosecond laser irradiation. Elemental analysis shows that the content of Eu decreased at the focal point andExpand
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