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Thermal Alteration of Silica Minerals: An Archeological Approach
Extensive experiments indicate that the application of heat to flint materials may have conferred an advantage to primitive man in the manufacture of chipped-stone implements. When Florida cherts are
Prehistoric Quarries and Lithic Production
This book was originally published in 1984. For over a million years rocks provided human beings with the essential raw materials for the production of tools. Nevertheless we still know very little
One Hundred-one Canoes on the Shore – 3–5,000 year old Canoes from Newnans Lake, Florida
Abstract Newnans Lake is located east of the city of Gainesville in Alachua County, Florida. As the lake level dropped during extreme drought conditions in April 2000, hikers and bird watchers
Postmortem Leucocyte Culture Studies in Sudden Infant Death
This work reports to its knowledge the first cytogenetic study of cot death or sudden infant death among apparently healthy children.
Devil's Den, Florida: Rare Earth Element Analysis Indicates Contemporaneity of Humans and Latest Pleistocene Fauna
Abstract In the early 1960s, human skeletal remains of several individuals were found in apparent association with late Pleistocene mammals during an excavation at Devil's Den sinkhole in Levy