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A Survey of UK Public Interest in Internet-Based Personal Genome Testing
Background In view of the increasing availability of commercial internet-based Personal Genome Testing (PGT), this study aimed to explore the reasons why people would consider taking such a test andExpand
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Solidarity. Reflections on an Emerging Concept in Bioethics. Summary
1. References to solidarity are currently on the increase in public discourse. In the UK and beyond, during economic crises and in a political climate where many feel that mutual assistance has lostExpand
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Solidarity in contemporary bioethics--towards a new approach.
This paper, which is based on an extensive analysis of the literature, gives a brief overview of the main ways in which solidarity has been employed in bioethical writings in the last two decades. AsExpand
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Enterprising or altruistic selves? Making up research subjects in genetics research.
The emergence of direct-to-consumer (DTC) personal genomics companies in 2007 was accompanied by considerable media attention and criticism from clinical geneticists and other health professionals,Expand
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The Powers of Participatory Medicine
Does participatory medicine always empower patients, or could it also serve as a tool to shift responsibilities from other actors to individual patients?
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Performing the Union: the Prüm Decision and the European dream.
  • B. Prainsack, V. Toom
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Studies in history and philosophy of biological…
  • 1 March 2013
In 2005, seven European countries signed the so-called Prüm Treaty to increase transnational collaboration in combating international crime, terrorism and illegal immigration. Three years later, theExpand
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‘Negotiating Life’
Israel endorses one of the world's most liberal regulations of embryonic stem cell (ESC) research and human cloning. After an introduction to the technologies and their regulation in many WesternExpand
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Voting with their Mice: Personal Genome Testing and the “Participatory Turn” in Disease Research
  • B. Prainsack
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Accountability in research
  • 1 May 2011
While the availability of genome tests on the internet has given rise to heated debates about the likely impact on personal genome information on test-takers, on insurance, and on healthcare systems,Expand
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The Prüm Regime: Situated Dis/Empowerment in Transnational DNA Profile Exchange
This paper takes critique of surveillance studies scholars of the shortcomings of the panoptic model for analysing contemporary systems of surveillance as a starting point. We argue that coreExpand
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The “We” in the “Me”
This article challenges a key tacit assumption underpinning legal and ethical instruments in health care, namely, that people are ideally bounded, independent, and often also strategically rationalExpand
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