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Vehicle design for a new topical steroid, fluocinonide.
In vitro release profiles were obtained for eight topical creams containing 0.05% (W/W) fluocinonide, a new topical corticoid. Four of these creams plus five ointments containing 0.05% (W/W)Expand
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Effect of topical vehicle composition on the in vitro release of fluocinolone acetonide and its acetate ester.
A model was developed to test certain concepts regarding the in vitro release of steroids from topical vehicles. The steroids studied were fluocinolone acetonide and fluocinolone acetonide acetate.Expand
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Enhancement of percutaneous absorption by the use of volatile: nonvolatile systems as vehicles.
Using in vitro techniques the penetration of 14C labeled fluminolone acetonide and its acetate ester through human skin at 37° has been examined with vehicle mixtures of isopropanol and isopropylExpand
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Significance of vehicle composition. I. Relationship between topical vehicle composition, skin penetrability, and clinical efficacy.
The penetration of two topical steroids, fluocinolone acetonide and fluocinonide, through human abdominal skin was investigated for various propylene glycol‐water gels. Release, penetration, and inExpand
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Paired comparison vasoconstrictor assays. A comparison of methods for the determination of relative vasoconstrictor potency of topically applied corticosteroids.
The human vasoconstrictor assay, which is frequently used for potency comparisons of topically applied corticosteroids, relies on the visual measurement of skin blanching produced at the applicationExpand
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Significance of vehicle composition. II. Prediction of optimal vehicle composition.
Abstract Terms from the flux equation describing the passive transport of two steroids across a membrane were shown to be useful in predicting the optimal vehicle composition of gels. CalculationsExpand
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Development and evaluation of ointment and cream vehicles for a new topical steroid, fluclorolone acetonide
Several cream and ointment vehicles were developed for a new topical steroid, fluclorolone acetonide. The relative activity of the drug in. these formulations was evaluated by vasoconstrictor assaysExpand
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Extemporaneous formulation of corticosteroids for topical usage.
A number of extemporaneous corticosteroid preparations have been suggested in the literature. Unfortunately, this compounding of the corticosteroid and base is sometimes done without regard to theExpand
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Corticosteroid ointments: comparison by two human bioassays.
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Variation on the USP-NF rotating-basket dissolution apparatus and a new device for dissolution rate studies of solid dosage forms.
Abstract Tablet dissolution studies were conducted comparing three devices: the USP‐NF rotating basket, a modification of this called the bent basket, and a newly designed L‐shaped TeflonExpand
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