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Near infrared optical tomography using NIRFAST: Algorithm for numerical model and image reconstruction.
Diffuse optical tomography, also known as near infrared tomography, has been under investigation, for non-invasive functional imaging of tissue, specifically for the detection and characterization ofExpand
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Review of tissue simulating phantoms for optical spectroscopy, imaging and dosimetry.
Optical spectroscopy, imaging, and therapy tissue phantoms must have the scattering and absorption properties that are characteristic of human tissues, and over the past few decades, many usefulExpand
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Imaging and photodynamic therapy: mechanisms, monitoring, and optimization.
The purpose of this review is to present the current state of the role of imaging in photodynamic therapy (PDT). In order for the reader to fully appreciate the context of the discussions embodied inExpand
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Automated region detection based on the contrast-to-noise ratio in near-infrared tomography.
The contrast-to-noise ratio (CNR) was used to determine the detectability of objects within reconstructed images from diffuse near-infrared tomography. It was concluded that there was a maximal valueExpand
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Numerical modelling and image reconstruction in diffuse optical tomography
The development of diffuse optical tomography as a functional imaging modality has relied largely on the use of model-based image reconstruction. The recovery of optical parameters from boundaryExpand
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Fast segmentation and high-quality three-dimensional volume mesh creation from medical images for diffuse optical tomography
Abstract. Multimodal approaches that combine near-infrared (NIR) and conventional imaging modalities have been shown to improve optical parameter estimation dramatically and thus represent aExpand
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Quantitative hemoglobin tomography with diffuse near-infrared spectroscopy: pilot results in the breast.
The authors describe what is, to the best of their knowledge, the first quantitative hemoglobin concentration images of the female breast that were formed with model-based reconstruction ofExpand
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Pre-clinical whole-body fluorescence imaging: Review of instruments, methods and applications.
Fluorescence sampling of cellular function is widely used in all aspects of biology, allowing the visualization of cellular and sub-cellular biological processes with spatial resolutions in the rangeExpand
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Assessing the future of diffuse optical imaging technologies for breast cancer management.
Diffuse optical imaging (DOI) is a noninvasive optical technique that employs near-infrared (NIR) light to quantitatively characterize the optical properties of thick tissues. Although NIR methodsExpand
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Imaging breast adipose and fibroglandular tissue molecular signatures by using hybrid MRI-guided near-infrared spectral tomography.
Magnetic resonance (MR)-guided near-infrared spectral tomography was developed and used to image adipose and fibroglandular breast tissue of 11 normal female subjects, recruited under anExpand
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