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Effects of Microcystis aeruginosa and purified microcystin-LR on the feeding behavior of Daphnia pulicaria
We investigated the mechanisms behind the negative effects of cyanobacteria on zooplankton by comparing the effects of Microcystis aeruginosa single cells, colonies, and toxins on the feedingExpand
Effects of experimentally induced cyanobacterial blooms on crustacean zooplankton communities
SUMMARY 1. Large in situ enclosures were used to study the effects of experimentally induced cyanobacterial blooms on zooplankton communities. A combination of N and P was added to shallow (2 m) andExpand
Steady-state distribution of metals among metallothionein and other cytosolic ligands and links to cytotoxicity in bivalves living along a polymetallic gradient.
The present study was designed to assess the environmental effects of metals in a field setting. We explored exposure-->bioaccumulation-->effects relationships in freshwater molluscs exposed toExpand
Forest harvest impacts on water quality and aquatic biota on the Boreal Plain: introduction to the TROLS lake program
Eleven headwater lakes in Alberta's Boreal Plain were monitored for nutrients and plankton 2 years before and 2 years after variable watershed harvesting (harvesting mean 15%, range 0-35%). AfterExpand
Macroinvertebrate size–mass relationships: how specific should they be?
Abstract.  We assessed the relative magnitude of various factors (year, preservation method, continent, investigator, and taxonomic level) affecting prediction of invertebrate dry mass (DM) in lightExpand
Assemblages of coexisting species are formed by immigration from a re- gional pool of colonists and local interactions among species and with the physical envi- ronment. Theory suggests that theExpand
Crustacean zooplankton in lakes and reservoirs of temperate and tropical regions: variation with trophic status
The influence of trophic status on the crustacean zooplankton community was investigated in lakes and res- ervoirs in temperate and subtropical-tropical regions. We tested if there is a consistentExpand
Large-scale spatial heterogeneity of macrozooplankton in Lake of Geneva
Spatial distribution of macrozooplankton was studied during spring in Lake of Geneva to evaluate the influence of abiotic (water temperature and stability, nutrients) and biotic (bacteria,Expand
Midsummer plankton development along a large temperate river: the St. Lawrence River
Midsummer planktonic communities were sampled in 1997 along a 425-km reach of the St. Lawrence River between Lake Ontario and Trois-Rivieres (Quebec) to describe longitudinal patterns of plankton d...
Periphyton as an indicator of water quality in the St Lawrence River (Québec, Canada).
The performance of various algal indices to document improvements in water quality across a low nutrient concentration gradient was assessed during 2 years in the St Lawrence River (Quebec, Canada).Expand