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The Queen: A Biography of Elizabeth II
A study of the 70-year-life (to date) of the British monarch. The study aims to set the Queen in the context of each shifting period of her reign.
Labour and the Left in the 1930s by Ben Pimlott
Labour and the Left in the 1930s
1. Introduction Part I. Labour and the Crisis: 2. Watershed 3. Leadership 4. Fabians and Keynesians 5. Labour and the Left: the Socialist League 6. Radicalism or Socialism? Part II. United Front: 7.Expand
The Future of Political Biography
Fabian Essays in Socialist Thought
Trade unions in British politics : the first 250 years
Part 1 Historical perspectives: early trade unionism - radicalism and respectability, John Stevenson trade unions and the development of independent labour politics 1889-1906, John Lovell tradeExpand
The Political Diary of Hugh Dalton, 1918-40, 1945-60
'I didn't know the bugger kept a diary like that,' said Herbert Morrison. It was just as well. Few people get off lightly in this iconoclastic tour of British politics in the mid-twentieth century.Expand
Tackling the inner cities : the 1980s reviewed, prospects for the 1990s
Susanne MacGregor and Ben Pimlott: Action and inaction in the cities John Benyon and John Solomos: Race, injustice and disorder Robert Reiner: Crime and policing Susanne MacGregor: The inner cityExpand