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The objective of this study was to assess Late Triassic (late Carnian-Norian to Rhaetian) foraminiferal faunas relative to carbonate textures in reefal limestones cropping out in SW Cyprus. The faunaExpand
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Triassic palaeogeography of Tunisia
Abstract A stratigraphic, palaeogeographic and palinspastic synthesis of the Triassic successions in Tunisia is herein documented from a SSE–NNN oriented profile (Saharan Platform, Gulf of GabesExpand
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Les représentants éocrétacés du genre Nautiloculina Mohler, 1938 (Foraminifera, Fam. Lituolidae?) dans les chaines subalpines septentrionales (Vercors) et les pyrénées Franco-Espagnoles
Resume L'etude des representants du genre Nautiloculinarecueillis dans l'intervalle Berriasien-Albien superieur au sein des series de plate-forme des Pyrenees (Pyrenees navarro-languedociennes etExpand
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Basement blocks and tecto-sedimentary evolution in the Pyrenees during Mesozoic times
The Alpine tectonics in the Pyrenean Range is controlled by motions of basement blocks (High Primary Range, North Pyrenean blocks). These blocks belong to different tectonic units; they areExpand
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Les gisements de calcaires lithographiques du cretace inferieur du montsech (province de Lerida, Espagne) considerations paleoecologiques
Abstract The lithographic limestones of Montsech (Berriasian-Valanginian transition) are intercalated in the series of the “calcaires a charophytes of Montsech”, which represents aExpand
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Évolution paléogéographique de la Tunisie saharienne et atlasique au cours du Jurassique
Abstract By means of palaeontologic data, the differert Jurassic formations of Tunisia are correlated along a north-south transect, from the Saharan Platform to the Northern Atlas, across theExpand
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Palaeogeography and geodynamic evolution of the Balkanides and Moesian ‘microplate’ (Bulgaria) during the earliest Cretaceous
Abstract In Bulgaria, the palaeogeography of Balkanides and the Moesian ‘microplate’ (or Moesia), at the beginning of the Cretaceous Period, was marked by the presence of a deep NE–SW to E–W troughExpand
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Sequence stratigraphy and micropaleontology of the Triassic series from the southern part of Tunisia
Abstract The Triassic series in the southern part of Tunisia, only known from the oil exploration wells in the Kirchaou area (sandy series from Early Scythian to Ladinian) and in itsExpand
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