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Mapping cortical change across the human life span
We used magnetic resonance imaging and cortical matching algorithms to map gray matter density (GMD) in 176 normal individuals ranging in age from 7 to 87 years. We found a significant, nonlinearExpand
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The circumplex model of affect: an integrative approach to affective neuroscience, cognitive development, and psychopathology.
The circumplex model of affect proposes that all affective states arise from cognitive interpretations of core neural sensations that are the product of two independent neurophysiological systems.Expand
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Regional brain volume abnormalities and long-term cognitive outcome in preterm infants.
CONTEXT Preterm infants have a high prevalence of long-term cognitive and behavioral disturbances. However, it is not known whether the stresses associated with premature birth disrupt regionallyExpand
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Loss of mTOR-Dependent Macroautophagy Causes Autistic-like Synaptic Pruning Deficits
Summary Developmental alterations of excitatory synapses are implicated in autism spectrum disorders (ASDs). Here, we report increased dendritic spine density with reduced developmental spine pruningExpand
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Mutual information analysis of the EEG in patients with Alzheimer's disease
OBJECTIVE Mutual information provides a measure of both the linear and nonlinear statistical dependencies between two time series. Cross-mutual information (CMI) is used to quantify the informationExpand
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Detection of functional connectivity using temporal correlations in MR images
Functional connectivity among brain regions has been investigated via an analysis of correlations between regional signal fluctuations recorded in magnetic resonance (MR) images obtained in a steadyExpand
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Sex differences in cortical thickness mapped in 176 healthy individuals between 7 and 87 years of age.
Findings from previous magnetic resonance imaging studies of sex differences in gray matter have been inconsistent, with some showing proportionally increased gray matter in women and some showing noExpand
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Normal Development of Brain Circuits
Spanning functions from the simplest reflex arc to complex cognitive processes, neural circuits have diverse functional roles. In the cerebral cortex, functional domains such as visual processing,Expand
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Symptoms of obsessive-compulsive disorder.
OBJECTIVE Obsessive-compulsive disorder encompasses a broad range of symptoms that represent multiple psychological domains, including perception, cognition, emotion, social relatedness, and diverseExpand
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An event-related functional MRI study comparing interference effects in the Simon and Stroop tasks.
The Stroop and Simon tasks typify a class of interference effects in which the introduction of task-irrelevant stimulus characteristics robustly slows reaction times. Behavioral studies have notExpand
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