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Improved Feedback Theory
  • B. Pellegrini
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I…
  • 1 September 2009
The proposed cut-insertion theorem is based on the splitting of an arbitrary node into two nodes and on the insertion between them and another arbitrary ldquoreferencerdquo node, of a three-terminal circuit which keeps the network currents and voltages unchanged. Expand
Ultra low-noise preamplifier for low-frequency noise measurements in electron devices
The design and realization of an ultra-low-noise, high-input-impedance amplifier for low-frequency noise measurements in electronic devices is presented. Special care is devoted to the solution ofExpand
Shot noise in resonant tunneling structures
We propose a quantum mechanical approach to noise in resonant tunneling structures, that can be applied in the whole range of transport regimes, from completely coherent to completely incoherent. InExpand
1 f γ noise in thick-film resistors as an effect of tunnel and thermally activated emissions, from measures versus frequency and temperature
Measurements of the frequency and temperature dependence of the noise spectrum and of its frequency exponent have been performed on thick-film resistors and, together with the direct plots versus theExpand
Semiclassical simulation of quantum cellular automaton circuits
We present a simulator for quantum cellular automaton (QCA) circuits, based on a semiclassical model and aimed at the determination of the error probability in the presence of thermal excitations.Expand
A new measurement method of MOS transistor parameters
Abstract A new method for the extraction of some of the main physical parameters characterizing an MOS process is presented. This method requires current measurements for small drain voltages to beExpand
Reverse current‐voltage characteristic of almost ideal silicon p‐n junctions
The forward current‐voltage characteristic of silicon p‐n junctions obtained by means of suitable gettering processes is well described by the Shockley diffusion theory. Their reverse characteristic,Expand
Electrical and noise characterization of suspended silicon wires
We present the fabrication of suspended silicon nanowires using 1 μm resolution conventional photolithography, anisotropic wet etching and thermal oxidation. A minimum transverse dimension of aboutExpand
Fabrication and characterization of highly doped suspended silicon wires
Highly doped suspended silicon wires are fabricated on a silicon-on-insulator (SOI wafer. The fabrication is based on a three-mask process which uses only standard photolithography, wet etching, andExpand
We show that shot noise in a resonant tunneling diode biased in the negative differential resistance regions of the I-V characteristic is enhanced with respect to ``full'' shot noise. We provideExpand