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From Genocide to Ecocide: The Rape of Rapa Nui
The ‘decline and fall’ of Easter Island and its alleged self-destruction has become the poster child of a new environmentalist historiography, a school of thought that goes hand-in-hand withExpand
Seasonal Variations in Health-Related Human Physical Activity
In age-restricted sports, there is a date-of-birth bias favouring those individuals born early in the competitive year, and Trainers and selectors should acknowledge this trend if they are to avoid omitting gifted individuals, born later in the year, from talent development programmes. Expand
Would the Australian megafauna have become extinct if humans had never colonised the continent? Comments on 'A review of the evidence for a human role in the extinction of Australian megafauna and an
A critical comment on 'A review of the evidence for a human role in the extinction of Australian megafauna and an alternative explanation' by S. Wroe and J. Field is presented. The authors haveExpand
Environmental factors in the summer Olympics in historical perspective
A descriptive approach is adopted in reviewing the probable impact of environmental factors during the summer Olympic Games since their inception in 1896, focusing on diverse climate zones and particular environmental conditions in order to scrutinize their likely influences on competitive performance, especially in the Olympic marathon races. Expand
Natural catastrophes during Bronze Age civilisations : archaeological, geological, astronomical and cultural perspectives
Collection of quirky papers from the second Society for Interdisciplinary Studies Catastrophists' Convention held in Cambridge in 1997. The papers bring together thoughts from a wide range ofExpand
Seasonal affective disorder and exercise treatment: a review
The clinical and physiological evidence which suggests that exercise intervention may facilitate effective treatment for SAD is assessed and particular emphasis is given to circadian mechanisms that have been hypothesised to explain mood-enhancing affects of physical exercise. Expand
Seasonal changes and physiological responses : their impact on activity, health, exercise and athletic performance : review article
It is concluded that activity and fitness levels are more a function of organisational and external factors than are endogenous circannual rhythms. Expand
Comets and disaster in the Bronze Age
Autour de 2300 av. J.-C., a un ou deux siecles pres, un grand nombre de civilisations majeures d'Afrique, d'Europe et surtout d'Asie s'effondraient pratiquement en meme temps. Vers 1200 av. J.-C.,Expand
The Divine Child in Ancient Greek Athletics
Brutality and violence are, according to many observers, an increasing feature of modern sports. Violence in sport receives publicity through its spectators and the media. Because many forms of sportExpand