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Wireless LANs: From WarChalking to Open Access Networks
This work discusses the evolution of W-LANs from their current status of wireless termination of LAN services to a possible global infrastructure where the access networks become open to multiple operators. Expand
Wireless Sensor Networks : a great opportunity for researchers in Developing Countries
We advocate the use of wireless sensor networks in Developing Countries as we foresee they have a great role to play not only to expedite novel solutions that help mitigate development problems, butExpand
A cross-sectional pilot study assessing needs and attitudes to implementation of Information and Communication Technology for rational use of medicines among healthcare staff in rural Tanzania
We report problems of drug shortage and challenges in drugs procurement in two rural districts in Tanzania in relation to the current drug distribution practices. Expand
A Service Adaptation Middleware for Delay Tolerant Network based on HTTP Simple Queue Service
In this paper, a DTN Service Adaptation Middleware (DSAM) is proposed to provide a communication layer between DTN service daemons and different applications based on different platforms. Expand
Delay tolerant network on smartphones: applications for communication challenged areas
This paper discusses the Delay Tolerant Network (DTN) service and protocol stack and presents an implementation of it on the Android platform that is called "Bytewalla". It allows the use of AndroidExpand
Generation of visual language-oriented design environments
We review some results in the area of using meta techniques to generate language-oriented programming environments for visual languages having a two-dimensional syntax based on attribute grammars and graphical constraints. Expand
The early history of data networks
A vacuum operated valve for controlling recirculation of exhaust gases through an internal combustion engine is actuated by the output of a vacuum regulator having a source vacuum from the intake manifold which it regulates according to the vacuum in the venturi of the carburetor. Expand
Global growth of open access networks: from warchalking and connection sharing to sustainable business
This paper discusses the evolution of W-LAN starting from the mere extension of LAN services indoors, through the widespread diffusion of outdoors coverage with free and often un-authorized access, to the business models supporting their evolution to public coverage HotSpots. Expand
Serengeti broadband
This paper presents a broadband island defined by a fibre-optic communication network between Bunda and Serengeti, two rural districts in the Mara region in northern Tanzania. Expand
Powering devices using ultra-capacitor batteries
We explore the use of ultra-capacitor based cells, both EDLC and LIC, in the range from 40 to 3000F as backup storage for solar powered electronic devices. Expand