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A measurement of cross sections for the 1S-2S excitation of He+ ions by electron impact
A crossed beam experiment has been performed to measure the function for 1S-2S excitation of He+ ions by electron impact. Absolute cross sections for direct excitations to the 2S state were deducedExpand
Measurements of absolute cross sections for the photoionisation of Ba+ ions
An apparatus is described in which merged beams of ground-state Ba+ ions and energy-resolved radiation from the Daresbury Synchrotron Radiation Source were used to obtain absolute cross sections forExpand
Merged beam measurements of the mutual neutralization of He+/H- and Li+/D- ions
Absolute cross sections for mutual neutralization of He+/O- and Na+/O- ions have been measured by a merged beam technique for interaction energies between 1.2 and 500 eV, and 0.6 and 330 eVExpand
Measurements of electron impact ionization cross sections of Mg2+ ions and a note on the classical scaling law
A crossed-beam method has been used to study the reaction Mg2+ +e -> Mg3+ +2e for electron energies which ranged from threshold (78 ev) to 3 kev. The cross section attained a maximum value of 138 ×Expand
Measurements of absolute photoionisation cross sections of Ga+ and Zn+ ions
Measurements are reported of absolute photoionisation cross sections of Zn+ and Ga+ ions by VUV radiation. Both cross sections were dominated by autoionisation resonances. For Ga+ the largestExpand
The electron-impact ionization of ions
The absolute cross section for the ionization of from threshold to 400 eV has been measured using an electron beam modulation technique. The results are significantly higher than those of Crandall etExpand
The ranges of validity of the Born and Bethe approximations for the single ionization of He+ and Li+ ions by electron impact
Absolute measurements have been made of cross sections for the single ionization of He+ ions by electrons with energies which ranged from threshold (544 ev) to 10 kev. The results are in goodExpand
The preparation and isomerization of platinum metronidazole complexes: X-ray crystal and molecular structures of cis- and trans-dichlorobis[1-(2-hydroxyethyl)-2-methyl-5-nitroimidazole]-platinum(II)
cis-Pt(Metronidazole)2Cl2, a radiosensitizer toward hypoxic tumour cells, has been prepared and quantitatively isomerizes at its melting point to the trans complex; co-ordination of metronidazole toExpand
Optical rotatory power of co-ordination compounds. Part XVII. The circular dichroism of trisbipyridyl and trisphenanthroline complexes
The circular dichroism spectra of (+)-[Cr(bipy)3]3+, (+)-[Rh(phen)3]3+. (+)-[Rh(bipy)3]3+, (+)-[Co(phen)2-(NO2)2]+, and (–)-[Co(bipy)2(NO2)2]+, are reported, and the corresponding spectra ofExpand