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Variable preferences for sexual dimorphism in height as a strategy for increasing the pool of potential partners in humans
  • B. Pawłowski
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 7 April 2003
Human mate preferences are known to be related to a number of morphological traits. Those relating to female waist–to–hip ratio or body mass index and to male height appear to be distinctiveExpand
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Conditional mate preferences: Factors influencing preferences for height
Abstract Physical stature plays an important role in human mate choice because it may signal dominance, high status, access to resources, and underlying heritable qualities. Although past researchExpand
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The impact of traits offered in personal advertisements on response rates
Abstract The number of responses to personal advertisements can be a good source of information about preferences within the human mate market. From an analysis of responses to 551 advertisementsExpand
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Female voice frequency in the context of dominance and attractiveness perception
Human voice pitch is sexually dimorphic and therefore conveys important information about its owner’s sex. Since people often associate voice pitch with age, body size, attractiveness and, in theExpand
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Evolutionary fitness: Tall men have more reproductive success
Sexual selection is a well established evolutionary process based on preferences for specific traits in one sex by members of the other sex. It is important in the evolution of morphological traits,Expand
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Women's preferences for sexual dimorphism in height depend on menstrual cycle phase and expected duration of relationship
Human mate preferences are related to many morphological traits, such as female waist-to-hip ratio (WHR), body mass index (BMI), male height or facial symmetry. People also vary in preferences forExpand
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Parasite stress and pathogen avoidance relate to distinct dimensions of political ideology across 30 nations
Significance Pathogens, and antipathogen behavioral strategies, affect myriad aspects of human behavior. Recent findings suggest that antipathogen strategies relate to political attitudes, with moreExpand
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Female Breast Size Attractiveness for Men as a Function of Sociosexual Orientation (Restricted vs. Unrestricted)
Mate preferences are context-dependent and may vary with different ecological conditions and raters. The present study investigated whether sociosexual orientation influenced men’s rating ofExpand
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Adaptive preferences for leg length in a potential partner
It has been shown that height is one of the morphological traits that influence a person's attractiveness. To date, few studies have addressed the relationship between different components of heightExpand
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Variable preferences for sexual dimorphism in stature (SDS): Further evidence for an adjustment in relation to own height
In contemporary Western populations, some physical characteristics are sexually dimorphic, and it is known that these traits also affect human mate preferences. Height is one such characteristic, andExpand
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