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An evaluation of training of teachers in medical education in four medical schools of Nepal.
Assessment of the effectiveness of 3-day training workshop on "Teaching-learning methodology and Evaluation" held in four different medical colleges of Nepal showed that all participants improved their scores after attending the workshop and the overall impression about trainers was very positive. Expand
Sphincter saving anorectoplasty (SSARP) for the reconstruction of Anorectal malformations
The technique of SSARP allows safe and anatomical reconstruction in a significant proportion of patients with ARM's without the need to divide the levator plate and muscle complex and preserves all the components contributing to superior faecal continence. Expand
Pre- and Postovulatory Auditory Brainstem Response in Normal Women
ABR is better in postovulatoryphase as compared to preovulatory phase probably due to progesterone hormone which might be involved in modulating auditory hearing pathway at postovulation phase. Expand
Nerve Conduction Study in Healthy Individuals: a Gender Based Study
Gender has definite effects on NCS variables, and the sensitivity and specificity of NCS will decrease when using the same reference data in patients with different gender. Expand
Effect of Yoga on Cardiovascular Autonomic Reactivity in Essential Hypertensive Patients
Yoga combined with anti-hypertensive drugs is effective in reducing BP in resting condition and increasing parasympathetic reactivity and is also found to normalize cardiovascular autonomic function in hypertensive patients. Expand
Effect of graded head-up tilt on parasympathetic reactivity.
Responses indicate towards enhanced parasympathetic reactivity during head-up tilt position as measured by Valsalva manoeuvre and hand grip test. Expand
Clinical and electroencephalographic profile of children.
Predominant Electroencephalographic abnormality was seizure disorder, followed by febrile seizure and birth asphyxia with hypoxic-induced encephalopathy respectively, and electrophysiological diagnoses of pediatric patients with documentation of demographic profiles, and type and frequency of the disorders/diseases. Expand
Association of entrance examination marks with physiology academic performance in medical students
Objective: To determine the relationship of academic stress with the cognitive function, entrance examination marks, and physiology academic performance in first year medical students (n-83).Expand
Impact of educational stress on cortisol, cardiac autonomic drive and academic performance of medical students
Stress level is mild to moderate degree in first year medical students which decreased as the year ended, and biochemical markers of stress, cortisol and HRV have similar trend. Expand