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Slow-moving particles capable of interacting solely with gravity might be detected on Earth as a result of the gravitational lensing induced focusing action of the Sun. The deflection experienced by
Gravitational Lensing Characteristics of the Transparent Sun
The transparent Sun is modeled as a spherically symmetric and centrally condensed gravitational lens using recent standard solar model (SSM) data. The Sun's minimum focal length is computed to a
An exposition on Friedmann cosmology with negative energy densities
How would negative energy density affect a classic Friedmann cosmology? Although never measured and possibly unphysical, certain realizations of quantum field theories leaves the door open for such a
Simulations of the Hadamard Variance: Probability Distributions and Confidence Intervals
  • N. Ashby, B. Patla
  • Mathematics
    IEEE Transactions on Ultrasonics, Ferroelectrics…
  • 1 April 2016
It is shown that the standard relations between spectral densities and Hadamard variance are obtained with this method, and that the matrix eigenvalues determine probability distributions for observing a variance at an arbitrary value of the sampling interval $\tau$, and hence for estimating confidence in the measurements.
A null test of general relativity based on a long-term comparison of atomic transition frequencies
The local position invariance principle of general relativity stipulates that non-gravitational experiments should give outcomes that are independent of the position and orientation of the reference
The Effects of the January 2016 UTC Offset Anomaly on GPS-Controlled Clocks Monitored at NIST
Errors in the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) offset parameters broadcast by Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites caused many thousands of GPS-controlled clocks to be in error by approximately
Adventures in Friedmann cosmology: A detailed expansion of the cosmological Friedmann equations
The general relativistic cosmological Friedmann equations, which describe how the scale factor of the universe evolves, are expanded explicitly to include energy forms not usually seen. The evolution
Design and characteristics of a WEP test in a sounding-rocket payload
We describe SR-POEM, a Galilean test of the weak equivalence principle that is to be conducted during the free fall portion of the flight of a sounding rocket payload. This test of a single pair of
Small Angle Approximation for Non-parallel Plate Capacitors with Applications in Experimental Gravitation
An approximate analytical formula for the capacitance of a non-parallel plate capacitor with small values of inclination angles and distance separations of the plates is presented. Most applications
A quick test of the WEP enabled by a sounding rocket
SR-POEM, a Galilean test of the weak equivalence principle (WEP), is described, which is to be conducted during the free fall portion of a sounding rocket flight, and addresses the two sources of systematic error that are currently of greatest concern.