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Taxonomic, phylogenetic, and ecological diversity of methanogenic Archaea.
Methanogens are strict anaerobes which share a complex biochemistry for methane synthesis as part of their energy metabolism. The discovery of the unique biochemical and genetic properties of theseExpand
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Microbiology of petroleum reservoirs
Although the importance of bacterial activities in oil reservoirs was recognized a long time ago, our knowledge of the nature and diversity of bacteria growing in these ecosystems is still poor, andExpand
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Caldicellulosiruptor owensensis sp. nov., an anaerobic, extremely thermophilic, xylanolytic bacterium.
An anaerobic, extremely thermophilic, xylanolytic, non-spore-forming bacterium was isolated from a sediment sample taken from Owens Lake, California, and designated strain OLT (T = type strain).Expand
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Thermotoga hypogea sp. nov., a xylanolytic, thermophilic bacterium from an oil-producing well.
A new thermophilic, xylanolytic, strictly anaerobic, rod-shaped bacterium, strain SEBR 7054T, was isolated from an African oil-producing well. Based on the presence of an outer sheath (toga) and 16SExpand
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Seven novel species of Acinetobacter isolated from activated sludge.
Thirteen isolates of Acinetobacter were obtained from activated sludge plants in Victoria, Australia. Earlier 16S-23S rDNA genomic fingerprinting and partial 16S rDNA sequence data had suggested thatExpand
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Three isolates of novel polyphosphate-accumulating gram-positive cocci, obtained from activated sludge, belong to a new genus, Tetrasphaera gen. nov., and description of two new species, Tetrasphaera
Two isolates of Gram-positive cocci (Ben 109T and Ben 110) which could accumulate polyphosphate and were microscopically similar in appearance to so-called 'G-bacteria', appearing as tetrads, wereExpand
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Dethiosulfovibrio peptidovorans gen. nov., sp. nov., a new anaerobic, slightly halophilic, thiosulfate-reducing bacterium from corroding offshore oil wells.
A strictly anaerobic thiosulfate-reducing bacterium was isolated from a corroding offshore oil well in Congo and was designated strain SEBR 4207T. Pure culture of the strain induced a very activeExpand
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Aminomonas paucivorans gen. nov., sp. nov., a mesophilic, anaerobic, amino-acid-utilizing bacterium.
A novel, asaccharolytic, amino-acid-degrading bacterium, designated strain GLU-3T, was isolated from an anaerobic lagoon of a dairy wastewater treatment plant. Strain GLU-3T stained Gram-negative andExpand
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Aminobacterium colombiensegen. nov. sp. nov., an amino acid-degrading anaerobe isolated from anaerobic sludge.
A new gram-negative, non-sporulating, mesophilic, amino acid fermenting bacterium, designated strain ALA-1(T) (T = type strain), was isolated from an anaerobic lagoon of a dairy wastewater treatmentExpand
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Deferribacter thermophilus gen. nov., sp. nov., a novel thermophilic manganese- and iron-reducing bacterium isolated from a petroleum reservoir.
A thermophilic anaerobic bacterium, designated strain BMAT (T = type strain), was isolated from the production water of Beatrice oil field in the North Sea (United Kingdom). The cells were straightExpand
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