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Pb, Sr and Nd Isotopic Systematics of the Carbonatites of Sung Valley, Meghalaya, Northeast India: Implications for Contemporary Plume-Related Mantle Source Characteristics
A Pb/Pb–Pb/Pb age of 134± 20 Ma with a model INTRODUCTION l1 of 8·19 ± 0·02 has been obtained for the carbonatites from Carbonatites are carbonate-rich igneous rocks of mantle Sung Valley, Meghalaya,Expand
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Polyembryony and seedling emergence traits in apomictic citrus
Abstract Highest polyembryony, range of embryo, clutch size and frequency of quintuplets, sextuplets and heptuplets were observed in Citrus jambhiri . However, quadruplet and triplet embryos wereExpand
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A cutting-edge immunoinformatics approach for design of multi-epitope oral vaccine against dreadful human malaria
Abstract Human malaria is a pathogenic disease mainly caused by Plasmodium falciparum, which was responsible for about 405,000 deaths globally in the year 2018. To date, several vaccineExpand
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Progressive natural wilting of guava plants during different months.
During 1996-98, natural wilting of guava (Psidium guajava) plants at Rehmankhera Experimental Farm, Lucknow (Uttar Pradesh), was recorded throughout the year at regular weekly intervals. ResultsExpand
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Municipal solid waste to energy conversion methodology as physical , thermal , and biological methods
ISSN: 2410-8790 Pandey et al / Current Science Perspectives 2(2) (2016) 39-44 iscientic.org. www.bosaljournals/csp/ 40 editorcsp@bosaljournals.com Since India has different geographical andExpand
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Characterisation of municipal solid waste generated from Bhopal, India
ISSN: 2410-8790 Pandey et al / Current Science Perspectives 2(3) (2016) 52-56 iscientic.org. www.bosaljournals/csp/ 53 editorcsp@bosaljournals.com varies the waste content of Bhopal as compare toExpand
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Papaya fruit ripening: ROS metabolism, gene cloning, characterization and molecular docking of peroxidase
Abstract Climacteric fruit ripening has been characterized by oxidative burst and involve active oxidative metabolism with generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). In the present paper, theExpand
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Engineering Nanomaterials for Smart Drug Release: Recent Advances and Challenges
Abstract Currently, the targeted drug delivery system that has a pivotal role in the future of personalized medicines has gained significant attention toward research as well as commercial ventures.Expand
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Nanoparticles Mediated Gene Knockout Through miRNA Replacement
Abstract MicroRNAs (miRNA) are small noncoding oligoribonucleotides having potential of silencing/knocking out target genes by regulating posttranscriptional events of gene expression. Since manyExpand
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Design and analysis of PCM based radiant heat exchanger for thermal management of buildings
Abstract The present study focuses on the thermal performance of encapsulated phase change material (PCM) based heat exchanger for thermal management of building in Indian conditions. Heat transferExpand
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