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The EU Water Framework Directive: part 1. European policy‐making and the changing topography of lobbying
This paper is a history of the making of the European Union's Water Framework Directive (WFD). It will be followed by a second paper, which analyses the relationship between the innovations of theExpand
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Urban agriculture in Cameroon: an anti-politics machine in the making?
Abstract Urban agriculture in Africa is a growth area for development institutions and researchers. It is often portrayed as a coping strategy through which the urban poor have adapted to structuralExpand
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The Long-Term Budget Outlook
Abstract : Projected growth in spending on the federal government's big health and retirement programs -Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security dominates the long-run budget outlook. If currentExpand
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The EU water framework directive: Part 2. Policy innovation and the shifting choreography of governance
This paper is an analysis of the policy innovations of the European Union's Water Framework Directive and their relationship to a range of economic and geographical interests. It follows a previousExpand
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Unsettling connections: transnational networks, development and African home associations
With the transnational turn in the social sciences attention has now turned to ‘global civil society’, ‘transnational civil society’, ‘transnational networks’ and, most recently, ‘migrant’ orExpand
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The political ecology of Prunus africana in Cameroon
This paper provides an analysis of some current trends in political ecology and then illustrates the intermingling of politics and ecology using a case study of the exploitation and conservation ofExpand
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Why do people do stuff? Reconceptualizing remittance behaviour in diaspora-development research and policy
Attempts by policy-makers to encourage diasporas to engage in development in the Global South rely on conceptions of behaviour drawn from economics that emphasize individual choice, stimuli andExpand
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Whiteman Kontri and the enduring allure of modernity among Cameroonian youth
This article gathers together representations of whiteness constructed by young black Cameroonians. It contributes to arguments about white identity by arguing that the meaning of whiteness is, inExpand
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Paying for water and the geography of commodities
Across the globe there is an ongoing debate about whether water ought to be treated as a commodity. This paper argues that recent geographical work on commodities can usefully inform these debatesExpand
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Water governance and water users in a privatised water industry: participation in policy-making and in water services provision: a case study of England and Wales
This paper examines how individuals can influence decisions about the delivery of water services in England and Wales. It first examines the capacity of individuals to shape government policy andExpand
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